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Two young rising stars find love with each other, Anna Wintour prepares for the debut of a rival's magazine, and Pippa Middleton continues to take New York. 

Though she's mostly unlucky in love on HBO's Girls, that show's creator Lena Dunham has found herself a mate in real life. The 26-year-old writer/director/actor/editor/craft services caterer probably who knows is reportedly dating Jack Antonoff, the guitarist for the band Fun.. Putting two periods there because there is a period in Fun.'s name. They are Fun. like Awkward. is Awkward., see. Anyway, you know Fun., right? They sing "We Are Young Set the World On Fire" and "Some Nights I Look Into My Nephew's Eyes" and all those, like, wistful party anthems? Yeah, Lena Dunham is dating a dude from that band. They've been flirty on Twitter and she wants to play their music on her show and it's all very young showbiz. They don't see each other much because they're both so busy, but when they do? Oh, you'd better believe they have fun. Fun.. Fun... [Us Weekly]

Like something out of The Devil Wears Prada 2: Battle of the Smithsonian, Anna Wintour is supposedly going into readiness mode in preparation for the release of French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld's new fashion magazine, CR Fashion Book. Which... 1) Anna, this is America, and you are the editor of AMERICAN Vogue, and this is just some French lady. Don't worry about her. And 2) CR Fashion Book is the worst magazine title I've ever heard! No one will buy a magazine called that. So really Wintour has nothing to worry about, but she's still getting into gear. But not too much. Page Six got a quote from ridiculous stylist Phillip Bloch, who said "It’s more like, ‘Ugh, that pest is here. Guess I’m not getting rid of her anytime soon.'” Which... That is a very bad quote that says nothing, really. Anna Wintour does not talk like that, but Phillip Bloch thinks that's how she does classy talk, by saying "pest" instead of, I dunno, "as*hole." And what does "Guess I'm not getting rid of her anytime soon," mean? Anna doesn't think she can beat her and that she'll be around for a while, but she's only a "pest"? It just doesn't track. None of it tracks, Bloch! In related news, the fashion industry remains the worst. [Page Six]

Pippa Middleton, sister-in-law to the future King of All Britain, in continuing her tour of New York, wearing a strange traffic conductor/nighttime construction worker-looking dress to the U.S. Open and, reportedly, hanging out with Gossip Girl actress Chace Crawford. Yes, the Chace Crawford! Handsomest man on the Upper East Side! They were both at a club together downtown and got to talking. They'd never met before but, Dame Crawford "has met Prince Harry a couple times." Which... !!! How thrilling for him! How thrilling for us. What on Earth have Chace Crawford and Prince Harry had to talk about "a couple times"? And where are they even meeting? On what weird Venn diagram do their social worlds intersect more than once? Either Chace Crawford has way more clout (and more Klout) than I'd ever have guessed, or Prince Harry has way less. Hm. He was at some crappy club in Las Vegas recently. Maybe Prince Harry is more of a low-rent regular dude than we thought. Maybe! But not likely. Way more likely that Chace Crawford has used his porcelain wiles to work his way into the corners of upper-crust society. Many dangerous, sexy adventures, all culminating in him meeting Prince Harry, more than once. I hope he writes a memoir. But yeah, Pippa Middleton is still in New York. [Us Weekly]

So the 60-year-old son of famous sex researcher William Masters, William H. Masters III, has been arrested in Michigan for indecent exposure after pulling out his Master Willie IV in front of two undercover police officers working a sting in kayaks. Yes. There was a sting operation to nab a serial flasher that involved undercover policeladies in kayaks and it worked, and the perp turned out to be a 60-year-old scion of a sex researching family. Only in Michigan? It's just a very odd tale. The oddest detail of which is not the flashing or what have you. It's the kayaks. It's the damn kayaks. The strangest part of any story involving a police sting is going to have be the kayaks, if kayaks are involved. If this was 1995, the USA Network would be putting a kayak police squad show into development as we speak. But alas, for many reasons, it is not 1995. And now people will say that this guy's dad warped him and made him a flasher. Which could be true. But could also not be true at all. [Page Six]

Contained within this post about Beyonce's 31st birthday is a photo of the singer superstar drinking a glass of white wine on a boat. And if a celebrity has ever looked more relaxed than when they're drinking white wine on a boat, I've yet to see it. Oh and there's a picture of Blue Ivy who has lots of hair now and is very cute! American oligarchy as they may be, you can't help but be fond of America's most important family, can you? [Us Weekly]

Redfoo from LMFAO recently attended a birthday party for himself that was thrown by his dad, Gordy Berry. There were about 14 people at the birthday party, and people were said to have had fun. (Not Fun., just fun.) Of course no event could beat being a 37-year-old man who dresses like he does and sings songs about parties with his nephew, which is in fact Redfoo's job, but it was fun nonetheless. Man. How will history judge us for LMFAO? [Page Six]

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