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Scott Stringer, Borough President of Manhattan, is now the most Internet-famous borough president in New York City's history, a title he earned by defending Lady Gaga's virtue. Though Gaga herself hasn't yet publicly commented on the incident where Staten Island president James Molinaro calling her a slut for smoking marijuana during one of her concerts in Amsterdam (no, we don't know how drug abuse equates with sexual promiscuity), she (passively aggressively) sent out this tweet to her 29 million-plus followers, praising Stringer who defended her honor on Tuesday and at the same time let us know that she's fully aware of the Staten Island president's comments: 

Zing. That's been retweeted 870 times (and counting) and "favorited" 410 times. Putting that into perspective, Stringer has 5,216 followers—not shabby by any means, but that number is clearly dwarfed by the Little Monster fanbase he's just acquired. 

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