Just like 'Tonight,' Cuts May Come for NBC's 'Today'

Comcast cut the operating budget of the once-mighty Tonight Show a few weeks ago, and now the New York Post's Page 6 reports the once-mighty Today Show might soon go under the knife. 

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Comcast cut the operating budget of the once-mighty Tonight Show a few weeks ago, and now the New York Post's Page 6 reports the once-mighty Today Show might soon go under the knife.

The Today Show is reportedly the next big NBC property that Comcast is looking to scale back, according to a Page 6 report. Comcast is looking to save money, and cuts might be coming for Today Show staff. The Post points to Today's coming second in the ratings to Good Morning America again, after a brief stint on the top of the podium again after the Olympics, as a concern for Comcast. There's also the game of hosting musical chairs that's plagued Today. Ann Curry was unceremoniously removed after she didn't get along with Matt Lauer, Today's franchise host. Curry was eventually replaced by Savannah Guthrie.

Lauer has the biggest salary of any of Today's hosts, and apparently people are wondering if he'll take a pay cut the same way Leno did. Their salaries are apparently both around $25 million.

The Tonight Show's operating budget was rolled back, staff were laid off and Jay Leno took a chuck off his salary in an attempt to save more jobs. The L.A. Times reported later that the Tonight Show wasn't pulling in the same advertising profits it once did, and that Leno even offered to work for free if it would save more staff from being laid off. Whereas before Tonight was a cash cow, now it's barely breaking even.

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