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Iconic young adult novelist Judy Blume has been privately battling breast cancer, she wrote in her blog today

In post titled "!@#$% Happens," Blume, 74, writes about getting a diagnosis in June during a routine ultrasound before a trip to Italy and having surgery last month. Doctors found "very early" and "very small" signs of cancer. The author then "sprang into action" to speak to friends and doctors about the condition. And in talking about her mastectomy, Blume refers to Margaret Simon of one of her most famous books, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Like teenager Margaret, Blume has small breasts and "used to think bigger was better. But my dense, small breasts aged well. They stayed perky while other body parts sagged. I'd become quite fond of them." 

At one point, she apologizes to fans for leaving a movie screening of her book Tiger Eyes in San Francisco because she wasn't supposed to be in crowds before surgery.

"Now you know why... the time wasn't right for explaining. I’ll come back to your beautiful city and sign books for you another time."

It's been a month since Blume has had surgery. She is now recovering in New York with her husband George Cooper. Go to her blog to read her take, where it's clear that in spite of the cancer, she hasn't lost her sense of humor. 

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