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Players: Jason Biggs, an actor famous for being the nerdy virgin in the American Pie series, now voicing Leonardo on Nickelodeon's Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles; ultra conservatives, particularly the ones at, a Twitter curation site owned by pundit Michelle Malkin.

The Opening Serve: Biggs tweeted some nasty things last week about Janna Ryan during the RNC. Twitchy jumped at it as an example of a war on conservative women. The initial, most lude offenses have now been deleted but Twitchy still has them on its site, and retweets of the statements still exist.

Twitchy then started pointing out other lewd tweets by the actor and was even more appalled when Nickelodeon's Twitter feed included Biggs' Twitter handle in a promotion for TNMT. "That’s right," they wrote, "kids following Nickelodeon’s @TMNTMaster — an account which boasts nearly 2,400 followers — are literally one click away from the feed that introduced us to, well, this, not to mention a quick bit of Christian-bashing as a follow-up." Nickelodeon apologized today in a statement to conservative site, saying it "does not support or condone the use of graphic or vulgar language on any of our platforms" and has insisted that Biggs be less crude. But Twitchy,, and conservatives on Twitter want "Pig Biggs" fired and advertising pulled if he's not.

The Return Volley: Bigg's initial comeback was in a tweet, also now deleted but captured by Twitchy and still in retweets by other people:

He also retweeted many of the vulgar attacks made on him by conservatives, including "yea you did rape an innocent pie so you need to fill your mouth with that pie to shut that mouth of yours punk" from @Mike76390299 and "Nothing funnier than a closet faggot pushing his frustration off on others. Go grab your ankles for your tranny wife" from @GIBoxer5

His wife, actress Jenny Mollen, responded too:

Even though the specific tweets about the controversy have been deleted, Biggs has left up many tweets that Twitchy finds offensive, like tweets where he mentions his penis and a photo suggesting his wife is "having sexual relations w my sister." 

What They Say They're Fighting About: Twitchy and other conservatives say they want to protect children from crude language. Biggs, we're assuming, wants to be able to say whatever he wants on his Twitter feed. 

What They're Really Fighting About: The real problem here is that Biggs is a jerk, and conservatives didn't like it. Now that he's deleted the most offensive (and sexist) tweets about specific Republican wives and Nickelodeon has vocalized distaste, chances are he'll have to sound a little less like a jerk on the internet. 

Who's Winning Now: Conservatives. Yes, political free speech is a thing, but being actually hateful is not cool, even for people associated with adult networks. Remember Isaiah Washington at Grey's Anatomy and his anti-gay remarks? He had to apologize after things blew up. While Nickelodeon probably won't fire Briggs now that he's deleted the offending tweets, Briggs will have to tone the language down a bit if he plans on attaching his image to the animated show.

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