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Alert! Rush Limbaugh said something ridiculous and offensive again. (Why we continue to listen to him is unknown to this writer, but he said something and people are upset, so we will discuss it.) On his show yesterday, Limbaugh mentions a story out of CBS News Philadelphia that cites an Italian study determining that "the average size of a penis is roughly 10 percent smaller than it was 50 years ago." The researchers blame air pollution and global warming for this. Charming Rush says, no, clearly, it's due to feminism, feminazis, "the chickification," and "everything else." 

Chickification: This is a term he's thrown around a bunch; he appears to be the coiner of the phrase, and he loves it, clearly, considering it some sort of powerful way to demean women. But for having made it up, he's still rather unclear about what it means. Something bad, we suppose? And why should we take his word for what chickification is, anyway? He's hardly an expert on the topic. Here are some better definitions.

chick·i·fi·ca·tion noun \ˈchik-(ə-)fə-ˈkā-shən\


1 a the making of baby domestic chickens or the young of any bird, whether naturally or unnaturally or as store-bought or hand-made Peeps, or the using of such products to decorate one's environment. Examples: "Chickification begins on the farm in the spring." "I've purchased my Easter candies. The chickification of my kitchen counter is complete!" 

b : To consume too many Peeps (see above). Note: This only works with the traditionally shaped Peeps, the ones that look like, you know, chicks—the bunny ones entail "bunnification." Example: "Holy chickification that's a sugar rush!" 

2: To make like a chick, i.e., yellow and fuzzy and adorable, say for Halloween or a costume party. Example: "I've chickified myself to go to Rob's annual dress-up hootenanny!" If dressing up as a full-grown chicken, use chickenification

3 a : To purchase much chick-lit, with which you adorn your bookcase and home. "Gulliver insisted upon equal parts dudification and chickification of the library, for he enjoyed war novels as much as he did romances."

b : To watch many chick flicks, as above, i.e., "the chickification of one's television." 

c : nonstandard: To chew chiclets for fresh breath and "the chicification of one's mouth." (Note alternative spelling.)

4. To make awesome through lady-ness or by being a woman, or by the hands, hearts, minds, and bodies of such. Examples: "That drab old boardroom formerly filled by men has experienced a great chickification through the hiring of various intelligent, powerful, and also quite elegant women." "By having babies, women allow for the chickification of America." "We chickified chickification, which was never Rush Limbaugh's word to own, anyway."

Synonyms: ladyification, womanlimaking, girlified, feminization, simply-the-way-we-live, adorable and cute like a baby chicken or a Peep. See also: Peepsification.

Antonyms: Rush Limbaughing, trolling

Rhymes with CHICKIFICATION: wickification, tickification, gification, staycation, ladyamacation, Mentos-ification, womanization.

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