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Richard, please come back. The Grove is only fun that first time, we promise. Look, we even have Lena Dunham news to lure you back-- you like her, remember? ... And there are also Robocop stills, and one CW show on the horizon we can't wait to skewer.

So a couple of new, first-look stills from Robocop have surfaced. So what do you think? Well, for one things that's a lot of muscles. Like, if Robocop is half-cyborg and whatnot, does he really need armor that has abs and quads? Okay that aside, it looks like Director Jose Padilha and his team have deviated a bit from the original's metallic Nintendo controller-esque color scheme and is opting for something that skews a bit more Dark Knight ... with a homoerotic swirl of Joel Schumacher's Batman. []

Nikki Blonsky found a job guys. Way back in the day, in a time when Zac Efron wasn't smoking, John Travolta wasn't being charged for sexually harassing masseuers, and Amanda Bynes wasn't getting into car accidents, Blonsky, a relative unknown, had come from District 12 and defeated everyone in the Cornucopia to land the amazing role of Tracy Turnblad (alongside Efron, Travolta, and Bynes). Since then, she's sort of faded into the background ... until today. She's going to be on Smash. Yay! Right? Eh? Guys... guys? [The Hollywood Reporter]

The CW is apparently going to be giving us a "Buffy"-like supernatural Young Adult drama next season. We're slight okay with that considering Joss Whedon is a genius and brilliant at...wait what? Oh boy. Never mind. "Bill Laurin and Glenn Davis will write Embrace, described as being in the vein of Buffy and The Vampire Diaries," reads Nellie Andreeva's report for Deadline, which sort of doesn't make sense since the only thing in common between Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Vampire Diaries is the word vampire. "Violet Eden is caught up in a battle between light and dark--between Lincoln who she needs, and Phoenix, who seems to always be there for her.." sounds a whole lot like... something else--yeah, we'll go with that. [Deadline]

HBO released the trailer-teaser for Girls (new season due out in January). It's basically here to remind you that they are indeed filming in Brooklyn, that they know how to use beautiful lighting and that Allison Williams has perfected her hair flip since last season. 

Also, we now have video proof that former SNL star Norm Macdonald, and his career have hit bottom. Bottom in this case, is Macdonald providing the voice for the canine in the straight-to-DVD disaster Vampire Dog. Bill Hader, consider this a warning. [Entertainment Weekly]

And finally, The Voice is reportedly so very close to inking deals with Shakira and Usher--whose voices couldn't be more different. Apparently, Christina Aguilera has, on the record, told Billboard (Billboard has since taken down the interview) that she wants to sit out a season and actually get back to her day job errr...what used to be her day job: creating music--which is why we're talking about Shakira and Usher today. If you do the simple math and subtract one Aguilera next season-- we've got a surplus of one superstar, which means it's unclear what Usher's or Shakira's role may be (maybe one of them will be an advisor or whatever Sia and Kelly Clarkson did on the show). And of course, no one from the Shakira or Usher camps is talking. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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