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James Cameron prepares us for a fourth Avatar movie even though the second and third haven't been made yet, The Hunger Games juggernaut rolls along, and a first look at Lincoln

James Cameron, crafter of little curio dreams, tiny delicate objects meant for a few wise people, is still writing the next two sequels to his art film Avatar, which represent Cameron's blue period, but says he has already come up with an idea for the fourth one. Terrific! What is it, great storymaster? Well, it's a prequel. Like what happened when people first showed up to the crazy dragon-rape planet and started fighting with the blue space cats? That's what Cameron thinks would be neat to explore in the fourth film in the series. The fourth. A prequel. Great. Terrific. You know what? James Cameron and George Lucas should really just get on a boat together and sail to a private island somewhere and they can make as many techno prequels to things they made already as much as they want. They can prequel stuff and green screen stuff until they are, well, blue in the face. But we won't have to deal with it, because they'll be alone on an island together, making their prequels. Avatar 4. A prequel. Heavens to Betsy, Jim. Unreal. [MTV, via Vulture]

Get excited y'allll. Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hungah Gamez movie series, has begun filming in Georgia. They'll film all of the Okie township scenes there, and then they'll pack everyone up in crates and ship them to Hawaii where they'll film the big arena battle segment of the story. So that is exciting! The gears are in motion, things are turning. Of course the movie won't actually come out for over a year, but still. Knowing that everyone's on set now, dressed up like all their characters, like Catfish and Pizza and Jail and all them. Can't wait. [Entertainment Weekly]

MTV has renewed its show Ridiculousness for a third season. Which is great, because what the world needs is a show where some guy points and laughs at YouTube videos. That's just a very valuable television program to have on the air in these American times. Well done, MTV. American patriots. [Deadline]

Meanwhile Paramount has named its Star Trek sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. Which, what? There's no colon or anything. It's a sentence, or a phrase a least. A star trek into the darkness. It could be an imperative command, like "You there, go star trek into darkness," or it could be a descriptor. "What are we doing, Spock?" "Sir we're taking a star trek into darkness." It's malleability is what makes it strange, really. What a strange title. [Deadline]

Here's a trailer for A Late Quartet, a movie in which Catherine Keener, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Christopher Walken play members of a famous classical string quartet that is experiencing troubles, from jealous to disease. So, just another movie made to appeal to teenage boys and no one else. So sick of all these pandering, lazy, dumbed-down movies that are just meant to get video game-playing pipsqueaks out to the theaters. Can't they make a movie for the rest of us? Just one? But nope, we're going to have to endure a movie theater full of bellowing 15-year-olds, all jostling into the theater, eager to find out if Philip Seymour Hoffman can overcome his professional jealous and Christopher Walken can deal with his Parkinson's and put on a beautiful concert. Ugh.

And here's a trailer for a trailer to Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. I think this movie is a little too full of itself.

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