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The fall movie gods are here to heal some of the disappointing wounds left by The Master. They've opened the trailer skies and finally let the full-length trailer for Steven Spielberg's Lincoln fall to the earth. The teaser just showed up the other day, and the movie is almost exactly two months away from its wide release. So, finally, here we are. Boy, does it look Spielberg-ian! It looks like some sort of stylistic cross between Band of Brothers and Warhorse. We get very brief glimpses of the supporting cast. If you blink you might miss Tommy Lee Jones' stylish hair: 

Or the brief shot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

There are all kinds of wonderful people under scruffy period beards in there. Even one of the guys from Girls even makes a brief appearance in the trailer. 

As Lawson put it when the teaser came out, this movie looks a little too full of itself. But despite any heavy-handedness coming from Spielberg, it's still being anchored by Daniel Day-Lewis. It can be easy to forget that, amid all the period costumes and lighting and Important Things voiceovers, it's it's him up there. Every Day-Lewis performance is appointment viewing. This is no different. 

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