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Oi, this is a hard one. Us Weekly reports the first couple of comedy, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, are separating after nine years (!) together. This is Gob Bluth and Leslie Knope breaking up. Why are we letting this happen? Can the President veto this? Why weren't we polled? I demand a vote. The split is apparently "very amicable," so it doesn't sound like anybody cheated. Another heartbreaking thing: they have two young kids! Their oldest is Archie, 3-years-old. Abel, 2-years-old, is the youngest. We are not taking this well. This one was supposed to last. They got together back in 2000, before Poehler was even on Saturday Night Live. They weren't even relevant. It was based on love, and talent, according to Arnett. They didn't get married for real until 2003, and then she played his for fake wife on Arrested Development a year later. That's how real their love was. It broke through dimensions. But now it is gone, and we are sad. This is worse than Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger getting married.

Here is the Parks & Recreation blooper reel, so you can see Amy in happier times: 

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