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Maria Shriver had Arnold Schwarzenegger convinced running for office was a bad idea, but her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, told her to let Arnold run. 

This is the latest detail to come out about Schwarzenegger's new biography, Total Recall, leading up to tomorrow night's big 60 Minutes interview with the former California governor. Arnold had already told their kids he wasn't going to run for office when Maria told Eunice, sister of John, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, about his ambitions to run for office. Ambitions she'd already convinced him were foolish. But Eunice told her women in their family "always support the men when they want to do something," and that he'd be "angry for the rest of his life" if he didn't do it. 

TMZ reports Shriver is upset with 60 Minutes for failing to contact her before conducting their interview with Arnold. She thinks the piece is part of a P.R. campaign to reassemble his public image since leaving office, and calls the 60 Minutes interview a term the Times would describe as an act of love. (He admits to having another affair in the book, too.)

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