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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where we think all ties should be settled in the original Eliminator from American Gladiators

1. End of Watch (Open Road): $13 million in 2,730 theaters

1. House at the End of the Street (Relativity): $13 million in 3,083 theaters

1. Trouble with the Curve (Warner): $12.7 million in 3,212 theaters

Normally we do a write-up for each movie, but this week is special. Normally there are clear cut winners and losers a the box office, but this week is special. As of Saturday afternoon's numbers there are three movies that could, when everything is finally reported Monday morning, shake out to be the top of the weekend. The gritty, realistic cop drama End of Watch, the why-is-Jennifer-Lawrence-doing-this horror movie House at the End of the Street, and Clint Eastwood's anti-Moneyball flick Trouble with the Curve all have a reasonable shot at winning the weekend. As much as we wish Gyllenhaal, Lawrence and Eastwood should be forced to compete in the Eliminator to decide who wins, we're just going to have to wait until the last ticket is counted. (Smart money is on Lawrence per her Hunger Games experience, obviously.) Or we could do something else. Just pick one. Pick your favorite and it's the winner. There, that settles it. Let's move on. 

4. Finding Nemo 3D (Disney/Pixar): $9.4 million in 2,904 theaters [Week 2]

Most people have seen this movie in two out of a possible three dimensions and that is unacceptable. Go for three or never, ever come back here again. 

5. Resident Evil: Retribution (Sony): $6.7 million in 3,016 theaters [Week 2]

Action movies can't seem to hold weight this year. Yes, audiences have short attention spans. But you should be able to beat a recycled fish in your second week. 

Also, no one saw Dredd and that makes us sad. 

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