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Was it really worth giving Yalies easy access to delicious Shake Shack burgers just across the New Haven Green if it meant we all had to learn just how fat Danny Meyer is making us? We think the answer is fairly obvious. Because the New Haven store made the chain 15-stores big, it is now required by New York City law to post calorie counts on its menus at its seven New York locations.  But the knowledge won't just stay in the city, and now every time you think about ordering a Double Shackburger a big fat "770" will be staring back at you.

Shake Shack's burgers start off at around 360 calories for a single hamburger and top out at at a Double Smoke Shack (cheeseburger, bacon, and Shack Sauce) at 850 calories--add fries (470 calories) and a soft drink (150 for a small Coke) in there and you're quickly scraping the 2,000 calorie ceiling in just one meal. Tastier ingredients or not, you're no better off than eating a Big Macs or Triple Whopper. Shake Shack's CEO Randy Garutti told The Wall Street Journal, "When you take your kids to Shake Shack, you're not feeling guilty." Well, not any more Randy. Not anymore.

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