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The New York Post's esteemed columnist, social reporter, and seer of things Cindy Adams, recently went on a stroll around her Manhattan neighborhood and decided to write about what she saw. And boy did she see things! What are some of the things Cindy Adams saw? Here is a list.

  • "a fleet of amahs"
  • "an Oriental couple" (they were "talking Chinese. Cantonese or Hunanese, I don’t know. Not being fluent with either, I only talk it at home to the kids.")
  • "A floozy"
  • "an upended container of popcorn"
  • "a dog’s silent message"
  • "Off a temporary table, gold chains were being hustled. Touching them, they felt warm. Like maybe seconds earlier they’d hung on someone’s body."
  • " a young couple in love"
  • "An older couple ... less in love"
  • A man who "must’ve eaten onions for lunch because him you could locate in the dark"
  • "Two gays"
  • "Foreigners"
  • "A socialite"
  • "A bum"
  • "A do-gooder"
  • "sneakers, boots, flip-flops"
  • "A biker in a sleeveless tank and cutoff jeans who thought he was Lance Armstrong"
  • "an elegant dowager"
  • "a staring dude"
  • "A woman in sweater and muffler"
  • "A kid in shorts"
  • "A lady watching her dog poop"
  • "A tourist speaking no English"
  • "A foreigner tweeting"
  • "a slob leaning against a building"
  • "A tot"
  • "A man and woman kissing"
  • "A small-time celebrity"
  • "A zealot"
  • "A drunk"
  • "An illegal polluter smoking"
  • "a female in spike heels and tighttight lowlowcut cocktail dress flashing something larger than her bills"

Those are just some of the many things that Cindy Adams saw! You have to admit that she saw a lot of things. But what did her fellow Manhattanites see at the same time? Mostly just one thing: New York Post  columnist Cindy Adams "push[ing] my Yorkies in a stroller since one wasn’t up to walking." And that's better than all those other things combined.

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