Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Made Out

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan shared an intimate moment (and the world didn't end), Lady Gaga gets a tattoo, and Michael Phelps learned to pronounce the clothing company that's employing him. 

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Hi there. It's day two without Richard and The Smart Set has fallen to pieces without him. Jen, is still reeling from the after-effects of Levi Johnston's baby, and last we heard, Lawson was sipping on pumpkin spice lattes with Lori Beth Denberg at the North Beverly Drive Coffee Bean talking smack about Amanda Bynes. But because the world must go on and you can't get mornings started without gossip, we have some: Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have found jobs, someone famous got a tattoo, some people are supporting Obama, and you're in luck if you're wondering what Paula Abdul was up to.

In a race to the bottom, human frown Charlie Sheen and the frustrating satchel of bones known as Lindsay Lohan have just wrapped a love scene for the Scary Movie franchise. Ooof. That sentence. And there's so many layers to that: both Lohan and Sheen are gainfully employed; that "working" for these two involve consciously making fun of themselves via a purposely terrible love scene; and that there's a studio silly enough to think people want this (we don't do we?). A source on set told Page Six Lohan had gotten "cold feet" about the scene and was worried about how this movie and news of this love scene would ruin her reputation. You know, people might start getting the impression she actually shows up to work. [Page Six]

Mermen Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and one of those other guys that's not Nathan Adrian were all at a Details party. We didn't go, and apparently we missed out on Phelps and Lochte talking about fassssshion and talking about who designed the clothes they were wearing. Snore. But there is a silver lining in this Women's Wear Daily party report: this little nugget where, among other things, we find out that Paula Abdul is still alive. "Also at the party were Joe and Nick Jonas, Lance Bass and, inexplicably, Paula Abdul, who was not on the guest list but found her way up to the crowded bash." Really? Paula Abdul is the "inexplicable" one of that foursome? [WWD]

Guys, guys, let's all go to the Obama concert. No, we're not sure who's performing. No, we're not sure how long it will last. Nor do we know who will be playing. But hey, whatever goes down will go down at L.A.'s Nokia theater on October 7 and terrible seats tickets start at $44 per person for "young professionals." Prices go up to $10,000 per seat for real professionals who, if they have that much to blow at a concert that hasn't publicized a lineup, will also find themselves stuffing their bellies with canapes at Jeffrey Katzenberg's $40,000-per-couple dinner. If you're not a "young professional" and are thinking about going, we're totally free that night. [THR]

Sally Struthers was pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Ogunquit, Maine. More importantly, Sally Struthers is being paid to act in Ogunquit, Maine.[People]

Lady Gaga, determined not to be out-fashioned by New York Fashion Week, one-upped the rest of the field by getting a tattoo during the launch party of her new fragrance. Oh, and the tattoo is on the back of her freshly-shaven head. Tattoos or heads have nothing to do with the scent which Lady Gaga is peddling. But really, which party would you tell your friends you were at? The one where Gaga asked someone to drive an ink-stained needle into her skull to make a point about perfume, or the one where a toothy Michael Phelps sputtered and mangled out the word Vuitton? "The tattoo appears to show a winged child wearing a Statue of Liberty-esque crown," writes Page Six's Dan Good, who could have saved himself a lot of time and just called it an angel or a cherub. Look, it's pretty cute (right). In fine print right under the tuft of one of the angel wings it reads, "Ball's in your court Lagerfeld." [Page Six]

It's been a really rough week for Dina Lohan, even before learning her child is making out with Charlie Sheen. She made an appearance on Dr. Phil, and slurred through the entire interview (set to air on Monday). "Look at you, you're in your little tie and little shoes," Dina said to Phil (video below) which seems to indicate to some that she was a little bit inebriated during the interview. Making fun of Phil's pygmy proportions was one of the first lessons Oprah learned when she, armed with a lantern and canary, ventured into her cave of wonders and first found him--baby hands and all. [Radar]

Photo of Lady Gaga's tattoo by Twitter user: @ladygagasfame

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