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So that Twilight fanfiction book series Fifty Shades of Grey, a sex book for sex perverts, is really popular and so of course they're going to make movies out of them, but E.L. James, who wrote the books, actually cannot write, so they need to get a professional screenwriter to wrestle the sexy sex prose into something filmable. Now, you'd think they'd just get the old gang from the Silk Stalkings writers room back together and put them on the project, but oh no. They're looking a little outside the box. Some people in the running? Well, a guy who wrote the animated kids movies Bolt and Cars 2, so that's disgusting. There's also the lady that basically created that show Terra Nova, so here's hoping Anastasia Krupnik Steele likes not only violent sex but also Baywatch-level day player acting and Relic Hunter special effects. Oh and they're also considering The Killing showrunner Veena Sud, so I guess we frustratingly won't find out if Anastasia climaxed until the second movie. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oh good news, you guys. Joss Whedon will indeed be writing and directing the sequel to The Avengers, a movie he made very well. So basically Joss Whedon is now a big-time director like we'd always wanted him to be only instead of doing great quirky stuff like Buffy and Firefly and Dollhouse (and Serenity!) he's doing sequels to superhero movies. I know, I know, it's good that he's finding success because that means he can eventually get his own stuff greenlit, but still. Y'know? It just stings a little for some reason. [Slashfilm via Vulture]

Ha, oh no they are trying to drown Robert Redford. Look at this first still from his upcoming All Is Lost, a movie where it's just him the whole time, lost at sea while being 75 years old. That looks terrifying! Sure it was filmed in that big water tank studio down in Baja and not the real ocean, but yikes nonetheless. Don't drown Robert Redford, writer and director J.C. Chandor (Margin Call)! Look at all those waves and rain. Can't shoot your way out of that one, Sundance. Anyway, we're told filming has already finished and seeing as we haven't heard anything about Robert Redford drowning in Mexico, we're assuming everything's fine, but still. (He turns 76 a week from Saturday). It looks scary. [via Deadline]

Here is a trailer for Josh "I'm Never Gonna Meet Your Mother" Radnor's new indie Liberal Arts. He stars, wrote, and directed. And he cast Elizabeth Olsen as his love interest, the sly devil. Supposedly this movie isn't actually as obnoxious and Garden State-y as it looks, but who knows. We'll have to wait and see.

Here is a new trailer for Judd Apatow's This Is 40 which makes the movie look way better than the first trailer did. There are a few genuine chuckles and everyone seems charming and they have a nice house so what could possibly go wrong?


And here, finally, is a trailer for Playing for Keeps, a romantic family drama starring Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel that will, at last, bring the sweet painless embrace of death and extinction to this weary human race. Let the warm, soothing doom wash over you, brothers and sisters! Close your eyes and offer your body up to oblivion. Because it is coming. This movie is the signal trumpet blare of its imminent arrival.

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