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Beyoncé could do no wrong in our eyes before this morning, but she's now releasing a video for her song 'I Was Here' to support the U.N.'s World Humanitarian Day. The 'I Was Here' campaign is  a social media based effort to support the U.N.'s World Humanitarian Day holiday that Beyonce is helping with in conjunction with the U.N. The goal is to get people to be generally nicer to each other. Not on any grand scale, they just want you to do something nice today. Tall order, no? Their goal was to get 1 billion people worldwide to drop a pin and talk about the good things they've done. They've apparently already accomplished their goal. But just because they've succeeded, doesn't mean you're off the hook. Now go be a boy scout and help an old lady carry her groceries across the street. Do it. Do it right now. For Beyoncé. Right after you watch her new video: 

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