'Twilight' Moving Ahead in Face of Cheatgate

Today in show business news: A little infidelity scandal will not derail Twilight, Margo Martindale scores a plum role, and it seems there will be a Prometheus sequel.

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Even though the film's star Kristen Stewart broke its other star Robert Pattinson's heart by jeeping on him with some damn old man, the final film in the Twilight motion picture saga, The Twilight Saga — Breaking Dawn: Part 2; The Last Bite / Sweet Eddie Cullen's Sad-Ass Goodbye, will be released in November on schedule and we can expect all the usual marketing roll out. Whoo boy. There are going to be some awkward chat show appearances, aren't there? I mean, it's only but the first of August now and we're talking about a movie coming out in Thanksgiving, so there is time for America to forget about this sordid business, but I don't know. We're not a forgetful nation. (Except when it comes to most of American history.) It seems most likely that there are going to be some seriously awkward interviews. It's just going to happen. Prepare yeselves, everybody. [Entertainment Weekly]

Finally some truly good news about casting for the movie adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play August: Osage County. We've long been grumbly about the casting of Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts as mother and oldest daughter in the wild family drama, but Juliette Lewis getting the role of the youngest sister kinda cushioned that. But today we have some honestly inspired casting: The great Margo Martindale will play Streep's sister, which is a terrific, juicy, and important role. Oh and Chris Cooper is playing her husband! Hurrah! This almost wipes off the stink of Abigail Breslin getting cast in the movie. Almost. [Deadline]

Buried part of the way down in this big article about various film franchises is the news that there almost definitely will be a Prometheus sequel. Which, if you've seen the first one, and if you haven't SPOILER ALERTTTT, then you know the sequel will mostly be about Noomi Rapace traveling around space with Michael Fassbender's robot head in a bag. That's going to be at least the beginning part of the movie. Noomi Rapace and a talking head driving around space together solving mysteries. It's bound to be a bigtime summertime smash the likes of which we've never seen. Pro' 2: The Adventures of Noomi and Heady. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Fox has ordered a script of a new show that's an upstairs/downstairs kind of a thing. Like Downton Abbey and, y'know, Upstairs, Downstairs. Oh, but? It's set on an aircraft carrier. Yup!! "[T]he 'downstairs' is filled with 18-20-year-olds, their coming-of-age stories heightened by the life and death nature of their everyday jobs; the 'upstairs' is anchored by a female fighter pilot and her season long quest to solve a murder that occurs on board." Could be interesting. In a related story, upon hearing the phrase "downstairs filled with 18-20-year-olds," John Travolta has expressed interest in starring. [Deadline]

American Horror Story has a new title. Or rather an expanded title. And that title is... American Horror Story: Asylum. Because it's set in an asylum. Hm. I sort of built that up more than I needed to, huh? Could have just said "American Horror Story has added the word 'Asylum' to the end of its title. [Entertainment Weekly]" and that would be it. But nope, had to add a few sentences, just to be fancy. That's why they call it writing. Anyway, that's the news. AHS: Asylum. Sounds like a video game. [Entertainment Weekly]

Ohhh dear. Here is a trailer for The Paperboy, that crazy Lee Daniels movie in which, among other things, Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron's face. Mmhm. Of course we don't see that in this scinnnnntillating trailer, but we do see Zac in his underpants and Nicole slinking around and Matthew McConaughey with bad hair and John Cusack looking strange and Macy Gray rasping something in her raspspeak and oh man just cannot wait for this movie. Cannot wait! Could be terrible, could be terribly great, who knows. Have to wait and see.

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