The TV Couples Who Should Have Lasted Forever

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Yesterday brought us a rumor (via The New York Post) that Beverly Hills 90210​'s Kelly and Dylan, or Jennie Garth and Luke Perry, might actually be an item IRL. They hung out on the shoot of that Old Navy commercial you've probably seen, and, you know, sparks flew! Sparks are always flying when those two are around each other! It's a veritable firestorm of sparks. Probably, of course, they're not an item—all we have to go on is the denial of Kelly's Garth's rep, as well as a picture of the beautiful twosome together at last—but still. We can dream. While we're dreaming, we're going to dream big. Here are the other TV couples we want to see to forever and ever, onscreen or off.

Pacey Witter and Joey Potter. These two! These two were perfect. Yeah, yeah, you're thinking that Dawson and Joey were the ones meant to be together, always climbing in and out of each other's bedroom windows and making awkward attempts at first kisses and gropes, but really it was Pacey, the man in the wings, the best friend, the whole time. Pacey and Joey were perfect because he was the underdog. Because they understood one another, given their families and slight "wrong-side-of-the-tracks" quality inherent to both. Because they were both brunettes. Because the Witter-Potter brood would be adorable, and rule the world with deep respect and an iron fist. Because they didn't want to wait. Andie and Dawson, forget about 'em, and Diane Kruger, hold onto your man, because now that Katie Holmes has freed herself from Cruise, there is nothing this twosome could not do if they put their minds, and a little pouty lip or inner bad-boy heart of gold, to it.

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Veronica Mars and Piz. I know, I know, you hate me for not saying Logan. And I do love Logan and Veronica together, I do, far more than I love Duncan and Veronica, but it got a little intense there at the end, you know, once they were in college and had been on that break, and he slept with Madison Sinclair, and he beat up Piz, who did not record himself making out with Veronica! Piz, well, Piz is Piz: Stable and sweet and loves her so much. Piz is a prototype of Peeta from The Hunger Games. Piz would never sleep with Madison Sinclair. We are Team Peeta, and I guess we are Team Piz, too. Piz is also funny! Logan's not funny. In the never-made spin-off of Veronica Mars in which she works for the FBI and he is the last remaining New York City radio jockey, she and Piz should be involved in a scintillating long-distance relationship; offscreen, Kristen Bell should ditch Dax Shepard and call up Chris Lowell. Not really. But kind of? 

Donna Martin and David Silver. Kelly and Dylan, really? They pale in comparison to these two, who stuck with it through thick and thin even despite her almost not graduating and that "virginity" thing hanging over everyone's heads and remember his drug problems and spiraling descent into musical madness? When you have the same number of letters in your names and also are actors in a true-life teen documentary about living la vida loca in the big Bev, you are made for one another. And they were, no matter what you say about Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green. They really, really were. Also, this exists and you should definitely watch it. So many hairstyles! So much lipstick! That's how you know it's love.

Maddie Hayes and David Addison. Even all the way back in the '80s they had it all: Witty repartee, sexual tension, the ability to solve crimes, the will-they-won't-they uncertainty hanging over them for so long it was practically a relationship itself. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepard, the private dick and the former model, somewhere in an alternative universe you are loving one another for ever and always, whilst moonlighting, and Bruce has hair. Also: We'll always have that theme song

Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper. These two remind us of a time when love was simple and pure and the girl or boy who was your neighbor was also your best friend and someday you would grow up and have feelings for that person, probably when you're in the woods and she has just gotten terrible news. And you'd be together, for a while, and it would be precious, but then maybe life would send you in different directions, because that's what life does. You'd fight and break up, but never on a Post-It note, and go on to date other people and maybe even marry them, but you'd never forget your first kiss, and, possibly, your one true love, your initial carved in that tree of life for posterity. Danica & Fred, 4Ever. —Jen

Jen, those are all excellent choices. I would also add Buffy Summers and Spike the vampire to that list. Their romance came late in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer mythology, and I'm sure many would argue that Buffy and Angel the vampire were the better couple, but there was always something so wounded and dangerous and exciting to the Buffy/Spike affair that her seasons-long fling with Angel never quite had. She was strong and determined but needy, he was rakish and a recovering villain, and somehow they fit together just perfectly. Sure poor Spike had to prove his full redemption by dying a martyr to save the world in the final episode, but he came back as a ghost on Angel, so maybe he and Buffy could still make it work.

I could go corny and obvious and say that Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski are a favorite couple I want to be together forever, but we already know they are, right? We saw their wedding in Las Vegas! So they're taken care of, thankfully. Less certain is the current status of Felicity and Ben from Felicity. We were all so excited that she ultimately picked him over boring old Noel, but did the decision stick? These two pretty, soft-speaking people were clearly made for each other, but Felicity was such a wishy-washy kinda gal, so who knows how her relationship fared in the longterm. She changed her mind as often, and as drastically, as she changed her hair, for pete's sake! But I'm holding out hope that she and Ben somehow made it work.

This is a strange one, and a little obscure, but does anyone remember Bravo's short-lived model competition show Make Me a Supermodel? If you do, you'll remember Bronnie, the bromance couple that became the central focus of the show when aspiring models gay Ronnie and "straight" Ben hit it off in a big way. Yeah they never actually became a couple on the show, but it's nice to imagine that after the show wrapped they found each other in civilian life and finally, y'know, got together. This may be a more prurient hope than a romantic one, but whatever. Bronnie was the best. Hopefully is still the best. A boy can dream, can't he?

Really, though, the most important TV couple that never was but should have been was Carmela Soprano and Furio, the sexy, mysterious Italian who worked for Carmela's gangster husband on The Sopranos. They never consummated the obvious mutual attraction, in fact they never even spoke to each other about it, but Carmela deserved a little happiness, didn't she? So I like to think that after that famous cut to black, Carm wised up, ditched Tony, and took an Eat Pray Love journey to Italy and tracked down the be-ponytailed man of her dreams. —Richard

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