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TMZ is reporting that there's a Tony Scott suicide video being shopped around and, with evident pride, the Internet's leading gossip sight says that they totally wanted no part of it. Way to take a stand. 

"TMZ has seen the footage ... but we did not purchase the material. It's unclear if another media outlet has taken the bait," writes TMZ, showing some restraint. Of course for a site like TMZ, which is oft-criticized for its over-the-line coverage (this is the site, after all, that ran photos of a miscarriage suffered by Reality TV star Michelle Duggar), not purchasing the video isn't enough: It needs to effectively shame other media outlets from having its sloppy seconds. Notice how they didn't say why they didn't purchase it (price?standards? quality? gruesomeness?), and yet, now every other news outlet has to consider whether it wants to be the one that runs with a video even TMZ won't touch.

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