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Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart pointed out all the ways news channels spoil Olympics results for viewers, even when they say they won't. "The games, of course, are taking place in London, five hours ahead of the East Coast," Stewart said. "Luckily the news channels are watching out for you." From telling viewers to mute their TVs (god forbid they change the channel) but displaying winners in obvious photos and bold headlines, to saying "Spoiler Alert" without giving spoiler-phobes a second to plug their ears, none of the channels seem to get how spoiler alerts work. Even NBC cut to commercial break with a cliffhanger, only to ruin the suspense with a commercial promoting Missy Franklin's heart-warming post-gold medal interview on The Today Show. The one broadcast that got it right, according to Stewart: NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams.  

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