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So two first-look photos of the new, completely unnecessary Carrie remake have been released and, as expected, we're not liking them. Mostly the one of chipper teen queen Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick Ass, Dark Shadows) as the titular telekinetic weirdo. Obviously it's just one lousy still so what can we really say about it, but just look at it! That's not Carrie. That's some text-messaging teener covered in fake blood. What does Carrie White look like? This is what Carrie White looks like. This Moretz girl... There's just something too market-tested and studio-stamped about her. Sissy Spacek was straight-up bizarro in that role. There is nothing bizarro about Chloë Grace Moretz. As for Julianne Moore as the crazy mother, well... Eh, it's a little better, but still it's just not Piper Laurie, y'know? It's just not the same. We hope that director Kimberly Pierce can pull off the whole thing, she's made some interesting stuff in the past, but these photos inspire little else but tele-psycho anger. Well, OK, nothing that bad, but nothing good, anyway. [Entertainment Weekly]

A more promising film, quite literally, is Gus Van Sant's Promised Land, which stars Matt Damon and John Krasinski, who both wrote the script, which is based on a Dave Eggers story (OK, so that makes it not that promising, but just go with it). Anyway, the point is this movie was supposed to only come out next year, but now the studio has announced that the movie, about slickster sales folks (Damon and Frances McDormand) who try to convince a small town to let their company drill there only to be obstructed by an activist (Krasinski), will screen in a couple places, New York and L.A., at the very end of December, just in time for Oscar eligibility. So basically it's adding another potential Oscar movie to the race! Which is always interesting. The film has a good cast — other than Damon, McDormand, and Krasinski, there are Rosemarie DeWitt, Hal Holbrook, and Titus Welliver — and Van Sant does political polemic kind of stuff well, and Damon hasn't written in sol long, so we're eager to see it. Bring on the crowded Oscar field! Or, possibly, bring on another Restless. That's worst case scenario. Less worse case is Finding Forrester, but that's still pretty bad. [Deadline]

NBC has just bought a sitcom script from a writer for The Office that is about "a group of friends whose lives change on the way to a destination wedding." Wait, that's a comedy script? That sounds like a horror script. You know, sexy young friends traveling to a wedding and then some creepy guy starts killing them all? Like, The Doomsman or something? Or Red Wedding? (Wut wut, GoT.) Doesn't really seem like a week-to-week comedy. Is it aliens? Are they abducted by aliens? Or do they, like, go all Ladder of Years and walk away from their regular lives or something? We must say, this vague premise is at least intriguing. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The Academy has tapped two producers of movie musicals like Chicago and Hairspray to produce next year's Oscars ceremony. But the truly important detail about them is that they also produce Smash, so how about we just nave next year's Oscars be the entirety of Marilyn The Musical, excuse me Bombshell, peppered with an occasional award or two? Let's just do that. That's what the nation has been clamoring for. They can even bring Dev back and do that Bollywood number. Why not? Let's just have the Oscars be some reruns of Smash with a news crawl at the bottom announcing the awards. Because everyone loves Smash, right? Nobody doesn't like Smash. [Associated Press]

House actor (and more importantly Much Ado About Nothing/Dead Poet's Society/Tony nominated theater actor) Robert Sean Leonard and E.R. actress (and 1-800-Missing actress?) Gloria Reuben have both joined the cast of TNT's aliens show Falling Skies, which stars Reuben's old E.R. buddy Noah Wyle. Reuben will play an adviser to Wyle's character, while Leonard will play someone called The Rat King. Auspicious honors all around, then. [Deadline]

Here is a trailer for Brian De Palma's latest movie, Passion, a remake of the French thriller Love Crime. It's about a businesswoman and her employee who have a very close, sexy bond until the boss screws over the employee and things get murderous. The movie stars Noomi Rapace as the employee and, oddly enough, rosy-cheeked sweetheart Rachel McAdams. Yeah, Rachel McAdams in some lusty, sapphic Brian De Palma movie. It doesn't really seem to fit, does it? But I suppose she wants to explore new kinds of roles and all that, being and artist or what have you, so good for her for branching out. Anyway, it's hard to say that a Brian De Palma movie will likely be good at this point in history, but we'll try to give it the benefit of the doubt.

And here's a trailer for Butter, that long delayed indie comedy that was sorta supposed to be an allegory for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's primary race, but actually Jennifer Garner seems a lot more Sarah Palin-y than Hillary...y. This was supposed to be some big independent stunner success like Little Miss Sunshine but then people saw it and didn't really like it so they held onto it for a while and now it's finally coming out this October. So, we'll have to see what ends up happening with it. It once had a lot of promise, but most of that has since melted like, well, you know.

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