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Seth Myers told TMZ he's "definitely not" going to be doing the Paul Ryan impersonation when Saturday Night Live debuts on September 15. 

How this is news... well, we're not sure. He told Vanity Fair the same thing last week. Well, he didn't specifically say NO I AM NOT DOING IT. "Look, I think after I played John Kerry, which everyone agrees is the greatest political impression in the history of the show, why mess with success?" is what he actually said. But now that he's officially out, everyone's speculating about who will get the call. Can we stop pretending like this isn't going to be Bill Hader's gig?

Look at the available cast members. Fred Armisen already does the Barack Obama impersonation. Provided he comes back, Sudeikis is already pulling double duty as Mitt Romney and Joe Biden. That leaves Myers, Hader, Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah. Meyers is out. Moynihan doesn't have the right body for it. As uncomfortable as Armisen's Obama impersonation is (Armisen is of Venezuelan and Japanese descent), we can't see Lorne letting Thompson or Pharoah take it. Killam and Hader are the only two left, and Hader's the most senior cast member besides Myers and Armisen. It's obvious, no? 

If anything, with Sudeikis pulling double duty, they should blow the whole thing up and reset. Hader gets Ryan and Moynihan can do Biden. Get Pharoah doing Obama and Sudeikis keeps Romney. This one's a win-win: Sudeikis gets one of the biggest characters of the season and a bunch of extra screen time. He's the top dog in every political sketch this season, and there will be many, and his Seth Myers-inferiority complex is stymied for another day. Throw him a one year contract with a lot of zeroes on the salary and everyone's happy. Thank me later, Lorne. 

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