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Last week, Jen Doll compiled a 'Dictionary of Despicable Words.' The German words zeitgeist and schadenfreude didn't make her initial list, but our readers overwhelmingly disdained them. All except for one. 

Duncan Tweedy writes

Zeitgeist and schadenfreude are like my German foreign exchange student friends. Don't tell me they have to go back home now? I will miss you guys! I'll never forget you! Don't bother writing though, I don't speak German. Other than the words zeitgeist and schadenfreude anyway.

They will miss you too, Duncan, but like all foreign exhange students, there comes a time when they have to head back to their lives in Germany. And don't worry about them. They're looking forward to compounding with other nouns to form fearsome 20-syllable monsters like this.  

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