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Today in showbiz news: Ryan Seacrest has earned Olympics favor, Ben Affleck gets offered a super job, and the Dish Network sure is ornery.

According to a new poll, 78 percent of Olympics viewers think that Ryan Seacrest is doing a good job during his first outing with NBC, despite a lot of loud grumbling about his focus on soft-pedal human interest stuff and seeming lack of knowledge about sports. What?? I simply refuse to believe that Ryan Seacrest, shellacked shimmer prince of the airwaves, is anything but a consummate expert on all of sporting. I mean, he's got all those posters of Sam Mikulak and Marcelo Chierighini hanging on the wall in his office! That's a devoted sportsman, right there. So 78 percent of America should think he's doing a good job at the Olympics. 100 percent, actually! No one is sportier than Ryan Seacrest. Come on. He's always rollerblading and hanging out on Muscle Beach and one time I stayed over at his house and accidentally walked in on him night wrestling with Tim Urban. He's really into all kinds of sports. Puhleeze, critics. Get with it. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Warner Bros. has apparently asked Ben Affleck to direct their big planned Justice League movie (that's DC's version of The Avengers that nobody really cares about). That doesn't necessarily mean anything, though. The studio often asks Affleck first if he wants to direct things, like Gangster Squad and Man of Steel, and he says no and they move on. He could be an interesting choice, but doesn't directing one of those movies seem like kind of a nightmare? That is a huge job. You'd be on that damn thing for years! I think Affleck is better being a little looser. Not super low-budget exactly, but not superhero movie big. They should give this project to the guys that made Chronicle. That was a fun, interesting movie. Found-footage Justice League. Could work! [Variety, via Vulture]

Ha. The chairman of Dish Network sounds like a real ass. In response to AMC's campaign against the satellite TV provider after it dropped the network and several others, company head Charlie Ergen said, "Our customers are not looking at zombies in New York City. They live on farms and ranches." Hm. He seems to think The Walking Dead is set in New York City, when in fact last season was set on a... farm. So. Also, people who lives on farms and ranches uniformly don't care about zombies in New York City? Though, I guess that's not what he said. He said they aren't looking at zombies in New York City. Which... I would hope not! That would be scary. "Hey, Earl, look at this. It's a zombie, walking down 34th street." "Amazing you can see New York City from here." "Well, it's a high hill." Maybe Ergen was actually talking about Mad Men? Or something? Had he just seen a production of Rent maybe? Who knows. He then went on! "There hasn’t been a time when anyone in our family has watched one second of those channels." Hahah. No one in Charlie Ergen's house watches those damned channels, so therefore no one with Dish Network does. That's just sound reasoning right there. One plus one equals zombies. Or something. Say more things, Charlie Ergen! [Deadline]

Aaron Sorkin has rebuffed claims that he fired most of The Newsroom's writing staff in preparation for the second season, but Vulture did some digging, inspired by one of Newsroom anchor Will McAvoy's own lines, and found that it seems highly dubious that they weren't in fact fired. Aha! Aaron Sorkin exposed by the very journalism he claims to love. Maybe it was a test? Maybe he was seeing if people were really paying attention and learning his important lessons? Well, it seems they were. If some girl at Vulture accidentally deleted her entire computer or couldn't stop talking about relationship stuff during a very serious moment, then they were really paying attention. [Vulture]

Ryan Reynolds has been tapped to star in Atom Egoyan's Queen of the Night, which is about the winner of the men's 10 meter diving competition. Har har, no no. It is about kidnapping. Ryan Reynolds kidnaps the winner of the men's 10 meter diving competition. NO. No that is not right. It has nothing to do with men's diving. It's about something else. Something serious. Who knows. And who cares! Where's David Boudia when you need him? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Ugh. MTV has released two minutes of footage of its new American version of the British high school comedy The Inbetweeners and it looks predictably awful. Where the British version was all wit and elegant filth talk, this is just boring standard grade teen comedy stuff. Oh and that thing where someone says "It's not subliminal, it's liminal" and then the nerd says "Not a word"? Well, yes it is. It's in the OED! That makes it a word, right? It's a word. Shut up, American Inbetweeners. Why do you exist?


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