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As much as everyone's excited to have the regular cast of Arrested Development back, guest roles were one of the best parts of the show's original three season run. TV Line reports the first announced guest for the upcoming season will be none other that John Slattery, aka Roger Sterling.

We have no idea what character he's playing. It could be a new love interest for Lindsay, but that seems too obvious. He could be a new family lawyer. We feel like that could work. Slattery's joining Charlize Theron, Dave Thomas, Ed Begley Jr., Ben Stiller, Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the Arrested Development guest star fraternity. You could throw a worse kegger with your frat bros, that's for sure.

For weeks we've been teased with pictures as the show goes from the page to in front of the camera. First there was the shot of Mitch Hurwitz's bum from the writing room, and then the shots of Michael Cera on set, and the shots from the first day of filming. Fans have been asking for more and more information, so when the show finally does air there isn't a single surprise left. Twists can't be ruined if you know them all in advance. Knowledge is everything, right? In other news, have you checked out the most inappropriate jokes the AR writers ever got on TV? You should. 

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