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We've all lied about applying to schools before. "Of course I sent in my grad school applications," keeps mom happy while you live in her basement working part time for beer money. If you're going to lie about about it on Twitter, though, be prepared to get busted by the school you've apparently applied to.

Hey, maybe mom won't see it. Except when your name is Rob Kardashian and your mom is Kris Jenner, and she definitely follows you, then it's a bit harder to cover your tracks. Kardashian tweeted about going to law school, presumably in the fall, at U.S.C.'s Gould School of Law: 

People responding to Kardashian were all, "finally, a smart one," and "congrats!" because that's what you do when someone you know, or follow, gets accepted to law school. They are going to become a contributing member of society while the rest of us beg for grocery money along the highway. Good for them, they're succeeding at life. 

But alas, success is fleeting. Whoever the social media director at U.S.C.'s Gould School got wind of the news, but they also noticed he wasn't on this fall's list of new students: 

Maybe the "news to us" part was too harsh, so they were a bit more gracious the second time they pointed out he wasn't coming, and they CC'd a bunch of gossip sites to make sure they got the message: 

But hey, maybe they overlooked something and his application was still pending for the winter semester, or maybe he was getting a head start applying for next fall. They checked that out too, and sure enough: 

It's okay, Rob. We get you. Moms are always nagging you to do stuff with your life and it's just such a pain. Moms, ugh, am I right? Sometimes you say things just to make them happy. It doesn't mean they're true. Rob Kardashian: just like us. 

Anyway, sorry for getting all Freudian there, Kardashian responded to the controversy (we use that word so lightly these days) by reminding everyone he's still a Trojan at heart. He graduated from U.S.C.'s Marshall School of Business in 2009: 

Be careful out there, Rob. Never lie about something your mom, or Twitter, can verify. 

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