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It's been three long years since VH1's weekly pop culture wrap-up show Best Week Ever went off the air. Children are older, people have died and been born, regimes have fallen, meteors have streaked across the sky. And now, as recently rumored/threatened, the show is coming back, VH1 has announced. No word yet on the format, but that sound you just heard was every comedian in New York City calling their agent to see how to get on the show. They don't pay, but hey, you're on TV. [The Hollywood Reporter]

One-season Law & Order actress (and terrific theater performer) Annie Parisse has landed a regular gig on Kevin Bacon's upcoming serial killer drama The Following. So basically everything Annie Parisse does on television involves murder. Even when she was on The Pacific her boyfriend was murdered by Japanese people. Poor Annie Parisse! Poor, poor paid television actress Annie Parisse. [Deadline]

You know Teen Mom? That's the MTV show about babies having babies that started off interesting and intelligent and then kinda ruined a lot of people's lives? Anyway, it was/is really popular so you know what that means! Yes, knockoffs. The premiere network for ruining people's lives, TLC, has decided to order a show called... High School Moms. Do you get that? MTV has Teen Mom. And where do teens spend a lot of their time? That's right, the back of Ricky Kowalski's Corolla getting themselves into fine messes. But also they spend a lot of at high school! Thus, High School Moms! It's almost too simple. Actually it is too simple. Ugh. [The Hollywood Reporter]

No doubt hoping to reconnect with the fans that remember and love her from A&E's Pride & Prejudice (that's the one with Colin Firth), actress Jennifer Ehle has decided to join the cast of the remake of RoboCop. If there's one thing Austenheads love it's RoboCop. There's a lot of slash fic online that pairs RoboCop up with the likes of Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey and even Mr. Elton from Emma. So it's a wise move for Ms. Ehle. (We kid, we kid. If there is an actress more lovable and also too infrequently seen than Jennifer Ehle we dare you to find her. She can do any damn movie she wants.) [Deadline]

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to TV again, it's been announced that M. Night Shyamalan is developing a show for Syfy. He might even be directing it. Which, that's kind of a yikes, isn't it? M. Night Shyamalan was once a big, rising Hollywood director. Then Lady In the Water happened, and The Happening lady in the watered, and now he's makin' shows for basic cable. Ah well. (Oh and there was The Last Airbender too, which, whoops.) The show is about a billionaire tech guy who offers a reward for someone to find proof of life after death after his parents die in a wreck. (Isn't "die in a wreck" the saddest, most weary, hangdog phrase in the world? "Oh Momma, yeah she died in an awful wreck." It just says so much.) So that could be interesting in the beginning and then by the end you're like "Oh brother, that's what this whole thing was? Puhleeze." That's the Shyamalan way. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The X-Men: First Class sequel has its title! It's called X-Men: Coach. And it stars Craig T. Nelson. Haha. No. That's a joke. Two jokes, actually. An airplane joke and a Coach joke. Anyway, the movie is called X-Men: Days of Future Past, which is the name of a famous storyline in the X-Men comic book universe about time travel and Kitty Pryde and stuff. Not Kitty Pryde the rapper, Kitty Pryde the girl who can walk through walls. It's possible that they might just be using the title and not the storyline, so who knows. Time to start speculating, nerds! And time to start hoping they don't put January Jones in this one because good grief, everyone else. [Entertainment Weekly]

That crazy new movie Cloud Atlas has a new website and it's crazy. Not that crazy? But a little crazy. Lots of moving parts. [Cloud Atlas]

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