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Yesterday we hissed and whispered about Michael Phelps' new blonde galpal, and now she has been named and the couple has officially stepped out together. Last night Phelps and model Megan Rossee walked the red carpet at a Speedo event in London hand in hand, meaning that they are officially going steady and that now they will sit together at lunch and Phelps' friends are just going to have to get used to it and maybe they should get girlfriends of their own instead of playing Nintendo together all the time like gaylords. Congrats to the happy pair. [Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Phelps' teammate Ryan Lochte was out partying with fellow swimhead Tyler Clary, boozin' it up at a London nightclurrrb called China White. But this wasn't a fox hunt, no sir. Lochte invited lots of friends and family and stayed firmly in the VIP section, though there was a line of ladies waiting to schmooze with the grill-sporting brah. Clary did some DJing, because 23-year-old guys are lame, and a lot of his teammates showed up to dance along to his ill beats. Nathan Adrian was there! Hopefully being nice and polite and sipping a root beer and not getting into any trouble. Live it up now, kids. Come next week it's back to the grindstone. Or grindpool. [Us Weekly]

Oh and look at the custom, "pimped out" razor that Gillette made for Ryan Lochte. That kid, I tell ya. That kid. [TMZ]

Lady Gaga is in lurve. Or at least in like. The pop singer recently flew to Chicago to have dinner with her beau, Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney. He's out there filming Chicago Fire, which he's a lead on. So Lady Giggles, queen of super effortful mainstream avant garde, is dating some TV hunk. That's it. Not some modern-day Salvador DalĂ­ named Fleck Houston or something awful. Not a Danish DJ named Ha Ha Hans. It's just a TV hunk from Vampire Hunks and now Fire Hunks. That's it. Lady Gurgles is a hunk hound! Who knew? [Page Six]

Suri Cruise is back in New York after going to Disney World with her dad, so mom Katie Holmes took her to MoMA. They went to some interactive kids space in the museum and Suri got to run around in the sculpture garden and they sat on the steps and had a snack (well, Suri had a snack, Katie abstained) and it all sounds very nice, but I do worry about one thing. You never see Suri with friends. She's always alone, surrounded by adults. Mom, Dad, bodyguards. It seems lonely. That's all. I'm sure she has fun, but it seems a little kept-up-in-a-tower-ish or something. Good thing she's going to that crazy ideas school in the fall. She can meet some people her own age. Who I'm sure will treat her well. [People]

Liberty Ross, the wife of Kristen Stewart's paramour Rupert Sanders, was seen without her wedding ring yesterday. So... that's... that's something. Probably means something dramatic. Um... So, is Liberty Ross famous now? Because I don't know if anyone really wants her to be famous. [TMZ]

Survivor producer Mark Burnett's ex-wife Dianne says that there's a crazy amount of sex on that show's set. Not necessarily between the cast, but between the crew. They're all stuck on some godforsaken island for a friggin' month, so why not just get down to it. It's like the Olympic Village, except probably the Survivor crew is not quite as, y'know, fit. All we want to know about this is who the doctor lady, you know the one who's on every season, is getting freaky with. Jeff, we hope. [Page Six]

Remember Stephanie Pratt? You know, she's Spencer Pratt's sister from The Hills? Yeah, she still exists and her boyfriend just ran over a policeman's foot with his Ferrari. Haha. ("Hey, be careful with feet!" - Sharon Stone's ex-husband, whose foot was eaten by a dragon once, to Stephanie Pratt's boyfriend.) There's video of this terrible incident and it is very weird and funny and looks staged for a second. The boyfriend seems like a complete dink, and his work history sort of proves that. He created an app a while back called Line Snob that was meant to keep people abreast of how long the lines are at restaurants, nightclubs, and other trendy hotspots, but hahaha look at the website. Starbucks and two Cheesecake Factories. Those are the only lines anyone's being snobby about. Haha. Congrats, Stephanie! Everything's going so well. [TMZ]

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