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Sticking an "LOL" into a story about someone's death is pretty much the scariest journalistic nightmare we can think of at the moment. Oh wait, you know what's worse?  Having to apologize for it. So there's this: 

No, your eyes are not deceiving you--that's a Made-For-Cheezburger "LOL" staring at you smack dab at the end of poor Bob Jones's photo.

Jones, according to the Western Mail—which published this unfortunate and morbidly funny faux pas—was a Mid Wales Airport's manager who was killed when the plane he was riding in crashed into a mountainside. 

"We apologise for any offence this error may have caused," said a spokesperson for the Western Mail in a report by the Press Gazette, which shakily (it used Twitter users as a reference) described the caption "the worst caption of all time." Is it really?

Either way: OMG, that's totes embarrassing

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