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Donald Trump tells us in the latest "From the Desk of Donald Trump" vlog that "lots of people have been asking me to review plays and movies," (presumably these conversations happened in private) so he's obliging with a review of Mike Tyson's one man show, Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth. (Now on Broadway!)  As Trump knows, when you're not well known for your art criticism, the first thing is to establish your position as an unbiased judge. So he begins:

Now I've known Mike for a long time. I believe he's fought for me more than anybody else. I've had him many, many times fighting and I had him in his early career when he was really great. His play is amazing... It's tough, it's biting.

Oh, well, hmm... Anyway, were Tyson's people to take a quote out for a promotional poster, we'd probably go with, "It's tough. It's biting." -- Donald Trump. Oh wait -- or would that be awkward?

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