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For about a month now, we've been enjoying the @NIKKlFINKE (that's a lowercase "L" at the end of "Nikki") twitter account, a parody of  notorious showbiz gossip/reclusive dragon Nikki Finke. Created in the wake of the real Finke's insensitive comments about the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting, the account was both exacting and absurdist, a clever and particular parody, one so spot-on that media savvy folks like The New York Times' David Carr have mistaken it for the real thing, but was also giddily silly. Alas, that account is now dead. Or at least suspended. The funny thing, though? So is the real @NIKKIFINKE.

It seems that in someone's — Finke's? Her bosses' at Penske Media Group? — efforts to get the fake account off Twitter, real Nikkie Finke has been tossed off the site as well. The person behind the fake account had a new, temporary account started for him, on which he says that both accounts got locked down "Because they couldn't tell the difference between an 'L' in my handle and the 'I' in Nikki's." Which sounds like something the parody Nikki Finke would do. Only it's real!

Fake Nikki Finke says he hopes to get the account back online and running again, and suspects that in order to do so he will have to comply with Twitter's rules, like noting that it is a parody account in the bio section of the account's profile. Whatever happens, we oddly miss both versions of dear old Nikki. Come back, ladies!

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