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On Wednesday, PaidContent's Daniel Frankel looked at a study that claimed Netflix streaming dropped 25 percent thanks to the Olympics. But a new report shows Netflix streaming going up. People who'd normally cap their weeknights by streaming video were turning to NBC for a rhythmic gymnastics fix. Even Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said last week that he expected a drop-off in Netflix traffic. 

The data showing a drop was from Procera, a company that sells hardware to ISPs. But now a a newer report from Sandvine, a networking company, says that hasn't turned out to be true. Below, they chart streaming numbers over all of July (blue line), and over the first weekend of the Olympic games (red line). As you can see, Netflix streaming actually jumped a bit during the Olympics.

 "Contrary to their own prediction, we actually saw Netflix traffic levels increase slightly over that of previous weeks," Sandvine's Dan Deeth writes. "While it is too early to tell what impact the full two week event will have on their traffic levels (the first weekend has few marquee events), we would not be surprised to see the Olympics have little to no impact on Netflix." With Olympics fever at a high pitch, sometimes it can seem like everyone's honed in on the games. But of course, there are plenty of people who avoid the Olympics at all costs. And with their friends staying in to watch NBC's streams, maybe they're turning to Netflix for company? 

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