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Networks are scrambling to nab a series that Michael J. Fox is shopping around, one based on his own life. He's teamed up with Easy A director Will Gluck and an Arrested Development writer, so that's a solid creative group, and everybody wants it. Basically Fox can decide who makes the best offer and go with them. Nice position to be in! And nice to see Michael J. Fox seriously back in the mix after many years just doing guest spots here and there. We'd kinda hope that the show would end up on cable, just because he'd be a little freer to do more and the ratings stakes would be a little lower and all that, but network money is probably better. Whatever happens, we're glad to hear it might happen at all. Welcome back, Alex P.! [Vulture]

In other exciting TV news, television's own Xena, warrior princess, Lucy Lawless will be guest starring on Parks & Recreation for two episodes this season, playing a hot mom who hits it off with Ron Swanson. No, she will not be a Tammy. She's just some other lady. Maybe there will be a joke where they find out her name is Tammy or something, but probably not. But that's great! Lucy Lawless is lots of fun and it's nice when she gets work, especially work that's good like this. This ain't no Tarzan or Eurotrip. This is good stuff here. So: Ayiyiyiyiyi!! Or whatever that Xena battle cry was. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oh, dear. Poor sad Keanu Reeves. His troubled movie 47 Ronin has been pushed back again, this time drastically. The movie, which tells the story of the fabled samurai warriors (Reeves plays a half British, half Japanese guy who joins up with them), was originally supposed to open this November, but then got pushed to February 2013 for some special effects touch ups and some reshoots. Now it's been moved alllll the way to next December, which is basically forever from now. It seems really unlikely, at the rate we're going, that there will be any humans in December 2013, let alone humans that want to watch Keanu Reeves in an ancient samurai movie. I mean, doesn't that just seem highly unlikely? That whatever humans remain, gasping and staving on some floating piece of debris in the new Midwestern Ocean that forms during next spring's famine-floods, will want to use what little energy they have left to go to a movie theater and pay $12 to see Keanu Reeves pretend to be a samurai? I just don't see that happening. But who knows. Anything could happen. It's not like I'll be around to find out. [Deadline]

Nooooo! Poor 20th Century Fox. They failed to make a new Daredevil movie on time, so now ownership of the character is transferring back to Marvel. Oh god. What a disaster. What a great, lucrative character that Daredevil was. Just a great Ben Affleck movie they made. And now they can't make another one based on the same character. Now Marvel's got him. Terrible, just terrible. What will Fox do? Do they at least still own Elektra? Please tell me they at least still have Elektra for god's sake. [Variety]

Speaking of superhero stuff, bisexual inter-dimensional time traveler John Barrowman has joined the cast of The CW's Green Arrow show Arrow, playing a "well-dressed man" who is "as mysterious as he is wealthy." Oh. Hm. So. He's playing another bisexual inter-dimensional time traveler, isn't he? That's exactly what he's playing. Good grief, can't John Barrowman play anything else? Why must he be so typecast? It seems unfair. Granted, he is a bisexual inter-dimensional time traveler in real life, but Matt Bomer is gay and he plays a straight dude, same for Neil Patrick Harris, so why not for John Barrowman? Why not cast him as a straight guy who's never slipped through a crack in spacetime, not even once? It just seems unfair. [Entertainment Weekly]

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