Matthew McConaughey Keeps Movin' On Up

Today in showbiz news: Matthew McConaughey lands a prestige movie, Bill Murray will not be busting any more ghosts, and Kristen Stewart chooses an ill-advised next project. 

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Matthew McConaughey is totally redoing his career, going from laidback romantic comedy brah to Serious Dark Movie Actor. And he's doing it quite well! He's getting great reviews for Killer Joe and has two reasonably high-profile indies, Mud and The Paperboy, coming up. And now he's been cast by one of the seriousest commercial directors out there, Martin Scorsese. He'll play Leonardo DiCaprio's boss and mentor in The Wolf of Wall Street, the financial thriller/drama based on a true(ish?) story. So, good for Mr. McConaughey. He wanted to change things, and so he's changed things. Matthew McConaughey is going to be in a Scorsese movie. How about that. Kate Hudson might be waiting by the phone for some time now. [Deadline]

Oh, dear. Tarnished temptress Kristen Stewart is now attached to star in a movie called Lie Down In Darkness. Kristen! You have already done plenty of lying down in darkness! You have lied down in, and with, more darkness than any young woman your age should be lying down in. Yeah, yeah, it's just the name of the 1951 William Styron novel the movie is based on, it's not your fault, but still. And who will Kristen Stewart be playing? The beautiful but tragic daughter of a crumbling Southern family whose father has the hots for her. Oh, dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear. Kristen. Do a damn Disney film. Do somethin', y'know? Do somethin'. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Dr. Who alum Christopher Eccleston was cast in Thor 2: The Dark World a little while back, but we didn't know who he was going to play. But now we do! He'll be playing a villain called Malekith the Accursed. Malekith the Accursed? What is that, someone at Chik-fil-A on Friday with a lisp? "That male kith! It's accursed!" (That is a terrible, awful, tremendously dumb joke. But I do not apologize.) This very scary-sounding villain, Malekith ("Malekithhh!!" he giggled and shrieked, clapping and hopping in his rollerskates) is apparently the leader of some elves. So... that's... Everyone's scared of elves! Should be intense. [Entertainment Weekly]

If you want to be up on music, you'd better not call Lily Allen "Lily Allen" anymore. Nope, Lily Allen is gone. She is no more. She has been replaced by Lily Rose Cooper, named so because of her husband Sam Cooper. So that's that. Like Yasiin Bey, Prince, and whoever the hell Piff Diddles is these days before her, Lily Allen is now a rose by another name, Rose. (That makes no sense, but, Shakespeare!) Probably means her music won't change, but who knows. Oh, here's a random fun Lily Allen Rose Cooper fact: The song "Alfie" is about her brother, Alfie Allen (Alfie Rose Cooper?), aka Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones. You probably all knew that long ago, but I didn't until recently. So. There it is. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Actress Lynn Cohen is going from Magda to Mags. She played the dutiful, noble peasant Magda the Maid on Sex and the City, and now she will play the little old lady who's a secret hero in Catching Fire, the second Hunger Games movie. Good for her! It's not a terribly big role, but it's an important one, and probably pays pretty well. Which is the most important thing, of course. [Entertainment Weekly]

Dan Aykroyd says that Bill Murray is definitely not doing Ghostbusters 3 if there is a Ghostbusters 3. So, no Venkman, guys. No dogs and cats living together. Nothing. And you know what? Can there just not be this movie now? This movie should never have been planned even if Bill Murray was involved, but now that he's definitely not, it really should not be made. OK, Hollywood? Listen here. We've spoken. No Ghostbusters 3. Just don't do it. [Grantland]

Here is a trailer for Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly, the Brad Pitt crime movie that won lots of praise at Cannes and looks and sounds great and let's go see it right nowww!

And here is the red band (meaning: NSFW, puritans) trailer for the dark comedy Bachelorette. This is not a Bridesmaids rip-off, lest you think that. It was a play before Bridesmaids was around. So. Just know that. Anyway, enjoy.

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