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Open the latest New Yorker and you'll find that Hannah Horvath has finally made it you'll be able to read about Lena Dunham's emotional tailspin when she found out an ex-boyfriend's mom un-friended her on Facebook two years to the day after breaking up with her gay son. We're not kidding. And it's not bad (it's funny in a way that encroaches on what was Tina Fey territory but not as good as Dunham's Ephron eulogy) if say, you're interested in reading how hard it is to passive-aggressively cut someone off in the world of Twitter and Facebook. Though, by complaining in The New Yorker, the Girls creator has clearly won that battle right? ("I was both angry and mortified. The thought of Nancy consciously deciding that she didn't want to hear what I had to say was torturing me.")  

What follows is paean to Dunham's college ex, which wouldn't be out of place among the emotional posts on the twenty-something emotional diary known as Thought Catalog like "Why I Can't Talk to the Person Who Knows Me Best" or "It's Harder to Be The One Who Leaves" or even, "The One Person You Never Really Get Over," but, you know, in The, like, New Yorker

Dunham writes:

I took a trip with my parents and he stayed behind with the cats he couldn't touch. I read Eat, Pray, Love  and it seemed applicable somehow to my life. I called him all the time. I called him, crying, from a rocky beach in Greece and a balcony in Rome and an airport in Chicago. I spent about a thousand dollars calling him. When I got home we went to see an Argentinian acrobatics show, and he told me that he was moving back his parents' house, in Arizona, on August 17th. Two years to the day before Nancy unfriended me.

Dunham's piece runs almost two years to the day after Nancy unfriended her. Go ahead an give it a read (subscription required). 

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