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We realize there's only so much time one can spend in a day watching new trailers, viral video clips, and shaky cell phone footage of people arguing on live television. This is why every day The Atlantic Wire highlights the videos that truly earn your five minutes (or less) of attention. Today:
Yesterday the great Phyllis Diller passed away. Today, we'll (thanks to HuffPo) remember the best way we know how:
Guys! Here's the leaked iPhone commercial. Okay fine, no it's not. It's just a parody to make us really feel silly about our Instagram obsession and how we have nothing better to do than to take silly pictures on our phones. Yes, it's funny. No, it hasn't talked us out of getting an iPhone 5. 

Anand Jain you are a wizard. God or err ... Bill Murray bless you for not only creating a wonderful piece of art, but figuring out a use for floppy drives: 

And finally, here's a little ditty in case you were confused whether your rape is 'legitimate': 

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