Lauren Conrad's Book-Destroying Oopsy

Today in showbiz news: LC from The Hill trashed some books when she shouldn't have, The Avengers sequel has a due date, and Robert Downey Jr. has hurt his foot.

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Former MTV reality star Lauren Conrad is trying to remake herself as some sort of crafts guru, making junky accessories and other things from household items and teaching others how to make them via YouTube videos. It's pretty innocuous stuff, or rather it was until she started destroying books. Today Conrad released a video in which she cut the bindings off of books in order to glue them onto storage containers that would make it look like you had books on your shelves while also being able to, y'know, store things. It's a little hard to elaborate without the video, which we can't show you because.... Lauren took the video down! Yeah, it seems some people didn't love the sight of LC from Laguna blithely chopping up books, old and useless as they may be. Nice to know that books are still sorta sacred, even if they are just Lemony Snicket. So yeah, Lauren removed the video and now we will never know how to do that crappy craft. The world has just gotten darker. Oops, actually, no, it hasn't! It's bright again! BuzzFeed has a slightly mangled version of the video now up on its site. Thank the gods. (Meaning Jen Bunney and Talan.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Gird your tight spandex loins, everyone. It's been announced that The Avengers 2: More Money Please will be released on May 1, 2015. So, get excited! Be sure to put some corn-gas in your hovercraft so you can zoodle (that's what they'll call driving a hover craft) on over to the milliplex to watch the movie through your viewing cones (electronic eyes that the Obama droid that takes over for real Obama will make everyone have implanted). It should be a grand time, the most exciting day in the smog- and floodwater-filled BosWash megalopolis since Gen. Santorum and his crypto-crusaders briefly took over Philadelphia. 2015! The future! [Vulture]

Speaking of The Avengers, filming on Iron Man 3: We're Now Being a Little *Too* Forgiving Of Robert Downey Jr. has to take a little siesta because Downey Jr. hurt his foot while filming and has to recover. It's nothing serious, but he can't be gallivanting around in his iron suit on a bum foot. Not that he's actually inside the suit, but you know. He's pretending to be inside the suit. He's saying lines in a recording studio and then they make it look like the iron suit is "talking." Can't do that on a hurt foot. No siree. [Deadline]

Oh my. The great Christopher Guest is doing a show for HBO and he's just cast Irish funnyman Chris O'Dowd as the lead. Oh my, oh my, oh my. This could be very promising! This could be very good. Oh my, oh my. Let's watch this now. Can we watch this now? We'd like to watch this now, please. Thanks. Yup, right now. Great. Now. Thanks. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oof. This annoying YouTube kid named Zach Fox who does man-on-the-street interview videos and is kind of a jackass has landed two shows at the Disney Channel. Oh, wait, no, sorry on "Disney XD," which is supposed to be the Disney Channel for (straight) boys. So, well, OK, Zach Fox is annoying, but who the hell cares if he has a show on "Disney XD." That's not even a real thing. So there is no reason to get upset. OK. Sure, fine. He got two shows. Great. Sometimes he works a little blue, so I guess he'll have to clean up his act a bit, for this "Disney XD." Who knows. Sure. 18 years old, this one. Whatever. [Deadline]

Here is a trailer for the dramedy 10 Years, about a bunch of actors who are definitely not 28 going to their ten-year high school reunion. Like, Justin Long is 34. But he's paired up with Max Minghella, who's 27. Curious casting, is what I'm saying. Anyway, the main draw is, ostensibly, Channing Tatum (32), acting alongside his real-life wife, Jenna Dewan (31). It's a good cast, but it looks a little cliche. And old. It looks a little old. Brian Geraghty is 37! Nothing wrong with being 37, but typically 37-year-olds don't go to ten-year high school reunions. That's all. That's all that's being said here.

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