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Folks were all upset yesterday when Kanye West tweeted that his song "Perfect Bitch" was about his current main squeeze Kim Kardashian, because y'know that's at best a backhanded compliment to give a woman, but Kardashian has now said that, nope, it doesn't bother her one bit. She likes it, in fact. She's insisting that "he doesn't mean it in a negative way," which is true, I'm sure, but still. A word could mean a different thing for anyone, but I dont know. Something tells me the rest of us should not start calling Kim Kardashian a bitch whenever we want, because that's not going to be OK. And because bitch is just a bad word in general, means bad things, is used far too commonly, etc. So let's just keep calling her what we've always called her: an inexplicably famous supermarket checkout line impulse buy. [TMZ]

Brad Pitt bought his eldest son Maddox a juniors motorbike for the kid's 11th birthday, because that's just what an 11-year-old boy needs, his own motorbike. Asked why he chose that gift, Pitt responded, "Hey, well, at least this way I probably won't have to buy him a 12th birthday present." Oof. That is awful. Sorry. Bad joke. Everything's going to be fine. It's not like he bought him an ATV. 'Cause those things, woof. Does anyone not die on an ATV? [Us Weekly]

Tom Cruise's first wife Mimi Rogers (yes, that really was a thing) says that she wishes both Tom and Katie Holmes well and that she and Cruise don't really have that much contact but that everything's cool when they run into each other. So that's good. Still doesn't explain why she made Lost in Space, but it's still good to hear. (Do you think Lost in Space was the title of a memoir about her marriage to Cruise that she was going to write and then she signed the wrong contract and ended up in that stupid movie? Does that seem likely? It sort of does, right?) [Page Six]

Oof. Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye recently had an '80s themed 36th birthday party, because '80s themed parties are still so wonderful and hilarious, that was attended by Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie, and Demi Moore. Oh, man. Demi Moore at an '80s themed party. Talk about a ghost. Man. Do you think she just stood in a corner muttering lines from St. Elmo's Fire to herself, holding a balloon and shutting her eyes tight, wishing wishing wishing that when she opened them again it really would be the '80s again? Though to be fair I think she probably wasn't the only one doing that. I mean, this is Soleil Moon Frye we're talking about here. A thought: Do you think Mykala Maroney has any idea who Soleil Moon Frye is? Or what Punky Brewster ever was? Why would she, she was born in like 2008. Which... sigh. So yeah, I'm right there with ya, Demi. I'm squeezing my eyes shut and praying praying praying right there next to you. [Us Weekly]

Haha. On Sunday night tween couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went to a jazz concert. Yup, a Sunday jazz series at the W Hollywood. Ha! Jazz! What did they do afterward, go for a drink at the Dresden and talk about James Baldwin? Jazz. They're kids! What are they doing at a jazz concert? If I had to pick any two celebrities to be people who went to jazz concerts, I think I would pick Maddox Jolie-Pitt before I picked Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Jazz. Jazz? Jazz. OK. Sure. Whatever. Enjoy your jazz, kids. Don't start doing heroin. And Justin if I see you in even one porkpie hat, I'm calling your mom. Seriously. No fooling. Even one porkpie hat and it's all over. [People]

Here are some photos of Patrick Schwarzenegger going waterskiing with his mom's family in Cape Cod. Just your typical family out for a boat ride and some waterskiing, like families do. Blessedly Taylor Swift is nowhere to be seen in the photos, though she was probably back at the compound, plotting. Always plotting, that one. Some wary maid who's seen this many times before eyeing her with suspicion. The stiff New England sea breeze billowing the flag out front, somewhere a seagull cawing like a siren in the sky. [Daily Mail]

And here are some pictures of 20-year-old Belgian track cyclist Gijs van Hoecke being carried out of a London bar after drinking a wee bit too much. He appears to have spilled at least one drink on himself, though it's possible that's sweat or pee. Poor kid. Though, in that second picture he really does look rather peaceful, doesn't he? He's just off in sleepytime pass-out drunk land, dreaming about podiums and Lolo Jones. Good night, sweet prince. And flights of Yannick Angels sing thee to thy rest. [TMZ]

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