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Today in showbiz news, Keri Russell will soon have another show on the air, which is good news. Julie Delpy has gotten a bit ambitious about who she wants to cast in her next movie. And Zack Morris and Malcolm Middle (or whatever) are returning to TV.

Fans of magical-haired moon goddess Keri Russell can rejoice. The actress' new show The Americans has been picked up by FX. This is not just good news for Russell fans, but potentially for everyone, as the show sounds pretty interesting! Based-ish on real events, the 1980s-set series is about Russian spies posing as a regular couple in the D.C. suburbs and trying to raise a family while still, y'know, being spies as the FBI sniffs around. So it's like period Homeland meets The Riches meets... The Sopranos? Oh who knows, it just sounds good. It was created by a guy who has written on Damages, so that's promising. Way to go, Keri. And way to go us. [The New York Times]

Julie Delpy is becoming a seasoned filmmaker, and with that seasoning comes a little confidence. Confidence enough to want to cast Woody Allen in a movie she's written, she recently told reporters. Julie, Julie, Julie. Woody Allen casts you in a movie that he's written, not the other way around. What do you think this is, Scenes From a Mall? Well, uh, let's hope for your sake that this is not Scenes From a Mall. But hey, good luck with Woody, really. Who knows? Maybe he'll say yes. You might want to like lure him in with some jazz records or some sort of adoptee or something. I don't know. [The Hollywood Reporter]

An actress named Madison Davenport (oh brother) has been cast as a young wife in the movie Noah. That's the biopic of Noah Wyle that everyone's so excited about. Hm? What's that? Oh wait no sorry it's the Darren Aronofsky Noah's Ark movie. Right, right. Anyway, Credenza, sorry Davenport, will be playing Na’eltama’uk, the wife of Noah's son Ham, and the sister-in-law of baloney. Ham is played by Logan Lerman, who is also young, so this is basically just a very young couple. Poor Sofa has already played a child bride on the show Shameless, so she has really been typecast. Next up, playing the love interest in Julie Delpy's new film. [Deadline]

Haha/:'(. Mark-Paul Gosslear and Frankie Muniz, that's Zach and Malcolm to most people, will guest star in an episode of Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, playing themselves, much like James van der Beek (Dawson) plays himself on the show all the time. Yeah, van der Beek's doing that all the time, Gosslear and Muniz are only going to do it once. But basically the dudes will be making fun of their old personae and their washed-up status, you know how some actors do sometimes (see: the current 90210 Old Navy commercials) and it's sort of cute but also sort of sad because now everyone does it and it only works for some people. So. We'll have to wait to see how this one goes when the episode airs. LOL JK we'll never watch that show ever. [Entertainment Weekly]

This person has been hired to play a person named "Gloss" in the next Hunger Games movie. Well, right. I mean, what, is that guy going to get cast as someone named Alvin in the next Hunger Games movie? No. He could be Geode or Gunth or Staircase, but mostly he is Gloss. He's not gonna be cast as Herman in the next Hunger Games movie, he's gonna be Gloss, obviously. He could maybe also be Carbo or Clugh or Oak too. That's who that guy plays. So, this is barely news at all. Of course he's Gloss. What was he gonna be, some guy named Lester in Julie Delpy's new movie? Nope. No he is not. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Jason Sudeikis might quit Saturday Night Live but he also might not? It's unclear? He wants to "use creative muscles that ... haven't been asked of me for the first nine years," so who knows what that means. Maybe he wants to, I dunno, be the musical guest or something. Maybe he just means he wants to date a different blonde starlet. The ones he's been dating are great and all, but a new one, a new muscle, could be nice. Yup, who knows. We'll find out soon enough, though. And if he leaves, who will play Mitt Romney? We vote for Lorne Michaels. [The Los Angeles Times]

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