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Today in celebrity gossip: Two old '90s TV flames may be together, Wills and Kate are still in love, and Lindsay Lohan has washed up in New York.

Times are tough. Things are hard. So here is something good to help you through the day: There are rumors, who knows how substantial they are, that Luke Perry and Jennie Garth, better known as on-again, off-again 90210 couple Dylan McKay and Kelly Taylor, are a real-life item. They reunited on the set of some '90s nostalgia-skewing Old Navy ads, and things just clicked. This is what they are saying. People are saying this. About Dylan and Kelly! After all these years. Isn't that a miracle? Well, if it's true, wouldn't that be a miracle? Of course Garth's "rep" denies the rumor, but screw reps. Reps are the worst! Constant killers of joy, these so-called reps. No, we're going to choose to believe it, on this the day of Mitt Romney's coronation, in this hurricane-ravaged world. It's what we need. Kelly and Dylan. Finally. Ooohh, Brenda and Brandon are going to be so mad. And so sad. But not us! Oh boy, not us. [The New York Post]

Also in love are Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton, now know as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (They live in Central Square and take the red line to Kendall for work and sometimes you'll see them at that bar in Inman, no not that one, the other one, the one with the trivia, no, across the street from there.) They've been attending various Paralympic events, cheering and clapping and laughing like lovebirds. Of course, there is the little matter of Kate wearing the same outfit to the opening ceremonies that she's worn at three weddings already, which is a disgrace and an embarrassment to all that sweet sweet money she's sitting on, and to her noble roots as a party supply heiress, but we can forgive her because she's still so darling. Meanwhile her roguish brother-in-law Harry, His Royal Nakedness, is scheduled to attend some Paralympic events in the coming days. When informed of this, the oddest smile darted across Kate's face, as if she were suddenly remembering a secret she'd forgotten. "Oh really?" she asked, cool now, calm and a bit stiff. "He'll be here? Well, that will be good, to see him. We do get on so well, as you know. I think of him like a bro— Well, not quite like a brother, no not that. He's... Well," and then there was that smile again, streaking across her face like a cat in the night. "He's a special friend. That's what." Kate then excused herself from the room and then it was time for tea. [People]

In the wake of the news that she owes $46,000 to some fool hotel in Los Angeles, celebrated gypsy moth Lindsay Lohan is making like a tree and getting the hell outta L.A. Which I guess means she's making like Beth Hart. Anyway, she's moving to New York City, and thus has been seen partying it up at places as exotic and awful as Dorrian's, that bar on the UES where you can talk to kids who went to Pomfret and Andover, at the same time. It's pretty incredible. But yeah, look out, New York! Lindsay's in town, and she's not taking any prisoners. Hide your kids, hide your knives, hide every damn thing that isn't bolted to the ground. And also enjoy this response from her rep (reps!!!) when asked for comment about Lohan's hotel bill and move to the Rotting Apple: "I think right now people should focus on the presidential race and the future of our country." Hahaha. So much brilliance and lunacy contained in that one line that it's enough to make one sigh and close the tab. [Confidential]

Here's a whole thing about how new Today show host Savannah Guthrie is too tall so NBC said that she needs to lower her heels so she doesn't "tower" over teeny, tiny little Matt Lauer. Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Oh god he's under Savannah's shoe!!! It's very funny that these are things certain adults have to worry about at their workplace instead of, like, their hand getting caught in one of the machines or drowning in a grain elevator or something. Guthrie denies that NBC has any control over her footwear, but she's probably just saying that so Lauer will save a little face. Emphasis on little! Haha that man who makes $25,000,000 a year is shorter than a lady. What a loser. [Page Six]

E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic and her Apprentice-winning husband Bill finally had a baby yesterday, after four years of IVF, one miscarriage, and Giuliana's double mastectomy following a cancer diagnosis. So, say what you will about Giuliana and Bill, who have their own reality show, but that is pretty good news. That'd be good news for the devil. That'd be good news for Todd Akin. It's just good news. [Us Weekly]

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