Katy Perry and John Mayer Step Out

Today in celebrity gossip: We've got a new power couple on our hands and it's a doozy, the Brant Brothers continue to revile and delight, and Taylor Swift has brainwashed the Kennedys. 

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The next time one thinks of unforgettable Hollywood couples — Gable and Lombard, Kevin and Kyra, Brody and LC — one will have to add another pair to that mental list. Yes, it seems that sex-crazed scraggle monster John Mayer and Katy "Whatever Makes Me Famous" Perry are officially an item. There'd been rumblings and whispers and whatnot, but last night they made it official by appearing together on a date at the Chateau Marmont. They apparently held hands across the table and sneaked a smooch or two, which was great for them but terrible for the hotel as no one else in the dining room wanted to order anything after watching that. After dinner the pair got in Mayer's car and that's where they were snapped, looking sheepish but happy, flushed but relaxed. How long will they last? Well, our sources tell us that when angry Mars is in the proper house and the moon glows a thick blood red and the wolves march down from the dark forests of the north, then we will know that the couple has done its job and the great final earthly battle has begun. Until then, we wait. [Us Weekly]

Haa. You know how model Stephanie Seymour has those crazy teenage sons, Peter and Harry Brant, who are flashy fashionisto rich kids, flaneuring around St. Barth's and going to all the Fashion Week shows and what not? If you were not aware of that, you should be aware, because they are two of humanity's more ridiculous examples. If you do not believe me, just watch this video and read the description. That is an 18-year-old child's life. So, anyway, today's point is that the boys apparently love Suri Cruise, with Peter telling Vanity Fair, "Clearly she’s just an awesome person. And she always has some, like, sassy frog slippers." MmHm. Sassy frog slippers. You heard it here first. Just two American boys, talkin' Suri Cruise's sassy slippers. You should really read the entire paragraph about Suri. In fact read the whole thing. These young gentlemen will soon be ruling us all. [Vanity Fair]

The Taylor Swift/Kennedy family debacle continues. It seems that Swift met her current steady, RFK grandson Conor, after Conor's aunt Rory took her little girls to one of Swift's concerts and I guess whisked her into the family. Everyone apparently loves Taylor, welcoming her into the family with open arms. Asked if Swift might one day marry into the family, grand poobah Ethel Kennedy reportedly said "We should be so lucky." What?? What is going on here? What nefarious song-spell has this country witch cast on this proud family? Something terrible is happening and only a few of us seem to be aware of it. We must save the Kennedys! Otherwise their sterling reputation could be sullied forever. [People]

Here is a good photo gallery of Olympians who have Olympic rings tattoos. So many of them do! Leading to the question, would you? If you were sent to the Olympics for, I dunno, competitive blog reading or whatever you're good at, would you get an Olympic rings tattoo to commemorate the occasion? It's the most important question an Olympian faces. I mean, it really affects what internet slideshows you pop up in. So if you haven't thought about it before, think about it now. You never know when you might be thrown into the Olympics and will have to make a decision fast. [Too Fab]

Speaking of Olympics, NBC is apparently champing at the bit to sign Michael Phelps up for some sort of correspondence contract, hoping he'll not only help cover 2016's Rio de Janeiro Games, but some other sports stuff before that. Well actually it's not just NBC, it's ABC too. NBC only has the Olympics through 2020, remember. Wherever he goes, Phelps would likely make millions. And, you know, it'd be great for the networks. We all remember how well Tiki Barber worked out on NBC, right? The whole athlete to broadcaster conversion is a total layup. Easy peasy. It's a fool-proof plan. In related news, Ryan Lochte has been offered a job as a correspondent for the Playboy Channel. [TMZ]

Here's a weird video of Sofia Vergara's kid talking about the actress's big birthday party in Mexico and her engagement to her boyfriend. At one point Sofia gets in trouble for climbing a forbidden pyramid and Julie Bowen makes a cameo. There are so many things in this world, aren't there? So many strange and curious and lonely little things drifting along on their way to somewhere. And this here is one of them. This little video, this little glance at a brief time now gone. So, give it a watch. Or don't. Either way. It doesn't matter. [Daily Mail]

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