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Chased out of nighttime news and probably too tired for morning TV, America's favorite sassy personality, Katie Couric, is launching her own daytime talk show. Something in the afternoon, in the in-between, nice and simple. Or is it so simple? The show, called Kickin' It With Katie just plain Katie, has announced its first slate of guests and it is an eclectic mix. A confusing mix, even.

Couric's (or is it Katie's?) first show (on September 10th) will welcome Sheryl Crow and Jessica Simpson, which, uh, would be exciting maybe if this was 2001? Sheryl Crow is great all, and she wrote the show's theme song, and Jessica Simpson has certainly been entertaining in the past, but for the first guests on Katie Couric's big new talk show? What, were Bonnnie Raitt and Nicole Richie unavailable? That just seems like a small lineup, is what we're saying. Then the next day Couric veers off in a completely different direction, interviewing poor Aimee Copeland, that girl from West Virginia who underwent multiple amputations after being infected with a freak flesh-eating bacteria. Which way are we headed, Katie??

Well, it's hard to tell from the rest of the list of upcoming guests. Entertainment Weekly has the rundown:

Other celebrity guests scheduled for the show’s first three weeks include Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Susan Sarandon, Chelsea Handler, Sofia Vergara, Fifty Shades of Grey author E L James, Demi Lovato, and Wendy Williams. Couric will also sit down with the mother and sister of murdered college lacrosse player Yeardley Love, and Raffaele Sollecito, Amanda Knox’s Italian ex-boyfriend who was acquitted of murder.

Aha. It's an almost exclusively female roster of guests, which is absolutely fine, but it is peculiar that the one guy so far is Amanda Knox's old boyfriend. Isn't that a little weird? Doesn't this whole show already seem, sight unseen, pretty strange and scattered?

Oprah Winfrey oscillated between soft-pedal celeb interviews and serious Issue or News of the Day stuff on her show, to much success and acclaim, but Katie Couric isn't exactly Oprah. Obviously she doesn't want to go back to Today's backyard grillin' segments and interviews with precocious teens of the day, but the weight of the CBS Evening News gig didn't ever really seem to suit her either. Perhaps that's why she's decided to spend her time on Katie ping-ponging around the middle ground, never staying in one place for too long so people don't have time to focus on any one tone in particular. Who knows if the strategy will work. But just looking at this list, it seems like an odd new program. Maybe Couric and Anderson Cooper, also the owner of a tonally unsteady new talk show, should just team up. Weird Stuff with Katie & Andy. We'd watch!

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