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Fresh off a personal essay about the emotional turmoil wrought by a gay ex-boyfriend's mother un-friending her on Facebook, Lena Duham has now taken over for Jason Schwartzman by becoming The New Yorker's app spokeskid. Like Miss Universe, we imagine The New Yorker's cherished mascot job comes with a similar, but shorter contract and obligation. Don't get us wrong, we were thrilled with Dunham's heartfelt eulogy to the late Nora Ephron, and we thought her essay on her gay ex's mom's social media etiquette was hilarious at times (though maybe not in the way she intended? "I was both angry and mortified. The thought of Nancy consciously deciding that she didn't want to hear what I had to say was torturing me"), but this (intentionally not good? trolling?) commercial for The New Yorker's new iPhone app pushes the limits of twee to the extreme. Perhaps you'll find splinters of irony in Dunham playing a version of herself talking to Jon Hamm as a talk show host setting up a clip of herself (with Girls costar Karpovsky) as the editor of The New Yorker (yes, The New Yorker), or maybe even grasp the weakly constructed conceit of this whole thing and can explain it to us. But the commercial just has us longing for that Jason Schwartzman's slightly less annoying 2010 commercial for the magazine's iPad version ... or you know, an episode of Girls

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