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Kristen Stewart's straying smooches with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders have led to her being cut from the sequel, Snow White and the Huntsman 2, which will now just be about the Chris Hemsworth's Hunstman character. 

The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters reports Stewart's being cut from the sequel, but "it is not clear why the decision to move forward without Stewart was made." Even though it's totally clear to just about everyone it's because Stewart and Sanders got busted kissing behind Robert Pattinson's beautiful back. Then came the apologies, one from Stewart and another from Sanders to his model wife, Liberty Ross. Stewart 'went into hiding' while Will Ferrell cried and Pattinson ate ice cream with Jon Stewart. Maybe she didn't get cut from the film, she just wouldn't answer their calls. Anyway, Sanders is still in line to direct the new Huntsman movie, which will follow Hemsworth's character on whatever adventure he gets into with whatever gritty interpretation of a fairytale princess he meets next. Cinderella and the Huntsman, or The Littlest Mermaid and the Huntsman could be coming to a theater near you. He's always second on the bill, though. Poor Hemy. 

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