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Marvel's slate of new movies for the next three years has one title that's not a sequel, and it's not a hero the average person would recognize at first glance. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie is the one wild card on the docket. 

The rumors of a Guardians movie began back in June, and then it was finally, officially announced at Comic-Con. Since, a well-regarded but untested writer, Chris McCoy, has been tapped to rewrite the script. McCoy's never seen a project go to production, but three of his scripts have been on the 'Black List.' On Saturday, The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit reports that relatively untested director James Gunn is at the front of the pack to direct Guardians. Gunn's two biggest movies, horror comedy Slither and the supposed-to-be-better-than-Kick-Ass real-life superhero movie Super, were both modest successes. But it feels like Marvel's going cheap here.

Think of the people who directed Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers. Jon Favreau had the indie hit Made and the Christmas classic Elf on his resume before getting Iron Man. Kenneth Branagh did the best Hamlet ever put on screen. Joe Johnston was a proven studio veteran when he got Cap. Joss Whedon had critical success in spades, though financial success eluded him, but he was also a familiar face within Marvel. He wrote actual comic books. It was a risky pick, but also a no-brainer? The logic behind Gunn is that he reminds Marvel of Whedon. That's praise he can put on his resume. But with a movie where most people walking into the theater don't know who the heroes are (Vulture did a guide), could Marvel not get someone with more name regonition to steer the ship?

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