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Or, at least, that's what the new trailer -- the first trailer! -- for season four spends its time trying to convince you. Everything is still the same with the New Directions crew. Ryan Murphy released the Kraken debut trailer for the most uncertain season of Glee since, well, the first season of Glee on Twitter Wednesday evening. 

Mr. Schue basks in last season's glorious (SPOILER ALERT!) national title victory while talking to a seriously depleted New Directions roster after most of the original characters graduated at the end of last season. Rachel is in New York getting bullied by Kate Hudson's impossibly perfect but tremendously awful new ballet teacher character. Will is getting some advice from new mom Sue Sylvester about "getting ruthless" to protect his precious Gleeks from... something, we're not sure. Maybe budget cuts? Or Aliens. Anyway, none of this is really par for the course for New Directions. They're usually the underdogs climbing their way to the top, not national champions. Sue is advising Will on how to keep New Directions alive instead of trying to kill it dead, so dead. Everyone is gone (from McKinley High, not the show). Nothing is the same at all. But the music swells, and we get a shot of a musical number and Blaine sings, "I'm just same as I waaas," because metaphors. Brittany jokes that the new character Unique, from The Glee Project, looks like Mercedes and haha, everything is okay. "Viewers, please don't run away our show," the trailer almost begs. 

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