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For us, the takeaway pieces of information from The Awl's interview with Lycia Naff were that she's now a reporter and all three breasts her character sported in the 1990 Paul Verhoeven-directed Total Recall were fakes. The reporter thing was no secret for anybody paying attention, since Naff got a little press for a 2008 tiff with Denise Richards while she was working for People. But as far as we can tell, the detail that all three breasts were prosthetic had gone unreported until The Awl's Tom Blunt asked. Cracked's Michael Richardson-Bryan, for example, asserted in 2007 that "one of them is only foam rubber" in a "Great Moments in Gratuitous Sci-Fi Nudity" charticle.

The whole interview is worth a read now that the remake is here with a three-breasted character of its own. Naff has some fun insight on working with Arnold Schwarzenegger ("it was almost like he was a robot with no mind of his own") but just for the record, this is how she describes her famous prostheses:

All three mammary glands are fake. In fact, the prosthetic is a large chest plate that starts at the neck and goes down to my belly button. This huge piece is applied using spirit gum on the very thin ends of this porous, spongy piece. It took between five and eight hours to apply. Needless to say my call times were 3:30 am! They'd lay me down in a dentist-style chair that reclines back. And two makeup artists would have at me while I napped. The makeup room was very private. No one but me, my three boobs and the artists at hand.

Read the whole interview over at The Awl.

Oh, fine, you can see Naff's scene. Love the aftermarket electronic pasties:

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