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Technically the BBC Three documentary, tentatively titled The Batman Shootings, is set to debut one month and three days after the July 20 massacre in Aurora, but that's still very fast. The hour-long "quick turn-around current affairs film," as producers are calling it, per The Hollywood Reporter's Georg Szalai, appears to be the first documentary about the shooting in a Colorado movie theater, which killed 12 and left 58 people injured. British production house Mentorn Media, which also produced Ricky Gervais' An Idiot Abroad, is making the film, with Amal Fashanu hosting, Deadline's Nancy Tartaglione reports. Fashanu's latest work was a documentary about homophobia in British football. The most we know about the content of the film is that it will contain "in-depth interviews with some of those involved in the shocking shootings," according to The Hollywood Reporter. "America is mainly split on the issue of gun controls - this film concentrates on what young people there think should happen now," executive producer Steve Anderson said. It's scheduled to air in the U.K. on Aug. 23.

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