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It's impossible to dethrone the World's Greatest Detective. The Dark Knight Rises sticks around the top of the pile for another week, while Colin Farrell is as disappointing as ever onscreen and on paper in the new Total Recall remake. 

1. The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.): $36.4 million in 4,242 theatres [Week 3]

Batman and his rogue gallery were able to hold off the shiny but ultimately disappointing Total Recall remake to hold the top spot at the box office. It's hard to take Tom Hardy's big, bad Bane seriously after you watch this video splicing his voice with clips of Sean Connery from The Rock. In total, Rises has taken in $354.6 million domestically. That's prettyyy, prettyyyy, prettayyyy good. 

2. Total Recall (Sony): $26 million in 3,601 theaters

Box office totals are down 25 percent from last year for the second week in a row and it's all being blamed on the Olympics. But Recall was still expected to give Batman a better run for the top spot. We were disappointed when our Richard Lawson and Gawker's Will Leitch both panned the remake. That's never a good sign. Between the poor critical reception and the option of watching Serena Williams dance instead, we've lost almost all interest in seeing this. 

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Fox): $14.7 million in 3,391 theaters

We like rooting for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. They're made on shoe string budgets and released in the middle of the summer every year and still make a modest return. Kids seem to love them, which is even better. Our sources say they're fun, clever romps for kids. We're with you, Wimpy Kid.

4. Ice Age: Continental Shift (Fox): $8.4 million in 3,542 theaters [Week 4]

When we make fun of the Madagascar movies for being an easy way for celebrities to make their kids happy and earn millions of dollars for like two weeks of voice work, it's okay because actual famous people do the voices for Madagascar characters. Picking on Ray Romano is mean.  

5. The Watch (Fox): $6.3 million in 3,168 theaters [Week 2]

Oof. The Watch is never going to make back the $68 million it took to produce. You can do better than this, Mr. Stiller and Mr. Vaughn. 

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